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US Rats Obstacle Army Training

US Rats Obstacle Army Training

by betabytepro


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US Rats Obstacle Army Training
US Rats Obstacle Army Training
US Rats Obstacle Army Training
US Rats Obstacle Army Training
US Rats Obstacle Army Training
US Rats Obstacle Army Training

The only one of Rat army & military training school game is here to enjoy US army training duty in one game.
Welcome to the Futuristic Special Forces Rat & Panthers Training School, where you train animal as army police soldiers.

It’s one of many times the U.S. military has used scary animals to assist in operations.
use of rats & Aliens have several advantages, including their small size would allow them to sneak into tiny spaces where larger scary animals and people cannot. Rugged Automated Training System (RATS), which was developed to see how well the scary rodents could find bombs. The Army Research Laboratory is working to establish a stateside breeding colony of the African rats with hopes to train other species so they can operate in different climates & deal with international transportation issues & also can use in the army as a soldier. Now Us, Russian and African Armies started to develop the system so that local rats can be trained and used.

It is required in order for you to Choose your favorite soldier in the US Army Training. As a trainee officer, your scary wild mouse or panther or Alien must acquire the skills of climbing, jump over the walls, action, swimming, running fast, jumping through hurdles and take instructors drill sergeants first call.
Clear military camp by passing the commando battalion test in this action filled mission game. Escape the Scary Mouse army high school training life and plunge into craziest obstacle course on US base. Train a soldier from local rat by passing initial entry in Army Game for combat. Your Panther or Mouse have to complete all obstacle courses of this boot camp to qualify as a world armed forces soldier in national guards for stealth missions or spy assassins.
It is not only intense rigorous assault course, get ready to your panther to be taken into the coldest nights, across the hot deserts, dense forest, craziest parkours obstacle course, hiking on net, and fences and on rough inclined mountains where you have to survive. Just become real army commando and face world armed forces chain to prove which country forces are topmost. It is all about being from ordinary to extraordinary by-passing special operation forces course and to not let your country dishonored and humiliate.
Show Elite agent skills to make a super hero once to graduate as a soldier, prove your Rat skills while competing with the forces of USA, Russia, Africa and India to make the State proud.
Train your panther or Alien at the US Army Animal transform training school course 2021. Your scary Alien, wild mouse, Panther & soldier rat have been a part of a US police army force training for a long time. Now get ready to battle the war against the crime like robots. Before your solider go for war to the battleground just train him to get more scary skills like shooting, fighting, running & dodging.
Prepare him how to face the hurdle in the battleground during scary war situation. To be a super hero of your country and got pass through all this tough session. Accomplish Us army obstacle course 2021 & follow the chain of command from getting the instruction of expert soldier and transform your scary animal into brave soldier or commando. Clear military mission to face the misfortune with your shooting & fighting skills.
Seems Exciting? Yup Download this exciting and amazing unique game now!

Exciting features of Special Forces Mouse Army Training Game
• Real school/Academy obstacle course simulation missions.
• Military challenges like Running, jumping, rolling, climbing & jump over obstacles
• Smooth & Intuitive gameplay controls
• Amazing Academy Environment with HD Graphics
• Play as Real trainee cadet to test your skills.
• Exciting Sound effects and background music
So, what are you waiting for? Download the US Army Mouse Training: Commando Obstacle School Game 2021, enjoy the experience of real army training school adventures free army games.
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