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Ultimate Zombie : Halloween

Ultimate Zombie : Halloween

by Lisa Jeff


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Ultimate Zombie : Halloween

Ultimate Zombie Simulator Smasher and catcher is the #1 addicting and entertaining game in fright night environment .Are you tired of zombie shooters? It's time to Play on zombies’ side to defend your home as a mob of zombies is about to invade your town near beach!Amazing zombie simulator in infected house for those who loves action games.For those undead creatures are back with brainless real dead man walking around the city looking for something to eat like Brains! Get ready zombies to smash in Halloween party and eliminate them before they break down and call the police.Attack citizens to increase your hunger rate and survive! , but tired of ordinary zombie shooters! Attack and kill people in Halloween party, eat their brains and live the life of a dead to the full with Zombie Survival Simulator 3D 2016!

This game is Perfect for beginners it has everything about Zombies. Beware of dogs they will attack and fight with you . German shepherd is dangerous for you. Live the life of a zombie, Fight with Police mans and soldiers for brains and try to survive in world of zombies.There are Different people to attack like ordinary citizens, soldiers and snipers. But who could withstand the one which is already dead?Right!So use your zombie’s skills by killing civilians and eating their brains.kill them with special power-ups wisely.Feel like a Sounds tasty, huh?The world is taken over by the walking dead surfers around who devour any living thing they catch or hit, and your bite is infectious to all humans including students, policemen, doctors, timberman, workers & etc.

In this Halloween monster game become a spooky zombie to fright . Doggy will attack on zombies to save people on beach but you have to fight and kill .Trick or Treat time is here with Halloween fun .Download now and enjoy awesome action simulator with zombie simulation at its best!

Zombie Survival Simulator 3D 2016 Smasher and Catcher features:

-Different zombies to choose
- Halloween Special
- Terrifying zombie breed
- Amazing visuals & 3d environment
- Realistic Intense zombie-blasting action game play fit for subway time
- Great zombie survival simulator in 3D
- your own zombie outbreak

Beware of armed people and other zombies .It’s not a zombie shooter this game gives you a chance to play on the deads’ side! Play Zombie Smasher and Halloween Survival Simulator 3D action game .Beware of soldiers armed with guns and riffles! Although, who could die for the second time? Fight against citizens and soldiers and be ready to attack because stupid zombies are back so kill or be killed! Are you tired of shooting zombies as a soldier? Become one of us playing Zombie Smasher and Survival Simulator.More people you kill, more powerful you become!

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