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Ugadi Photo Frames New

Ugadi Photo Frames New

by ATM Apps


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Ugadi Photo Frames New
Ugadi Photo Frames New
Ugadi Photo Frames New
Ugadi Photo Frames New

Try new collection of Ugadi Festival frames developed app "Ugadi Photo Frames New" FREE Download on Android.
Ugadi or Yugadi is praised as the main day of the year by individuals of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.Ugadi is praised as Gudi Padwa by the general population of 
Maharashtra. Both Ugadi and Gudi Padwa are praised around the same time Ugadi is the mix of two words like yug and Adi, Yug implies age and Adi implies Starting. 
This Ugadi celebration is well known in a portion of the states like Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Sindh and Manipur. Ugadi Photo Frames New arrives to 
send Greetings to your adored once. Some delightful casings to make your celebration more vivid and particularly for Telugu New Year. Wish all your dear ones 'Cheerful 
Ugadi “by sending this "Ugadi Photo Frames New" to your family and companions as Ugadi Frames.


1. Install the Ugadi Photo Frames New from Google play store.
2. Select any picture of yours or of the once to whom you want to wish
3. Select the frame of your choice and then set it.
4. zoom in and zoom out, rotate button is also available.
5. You can even save the picture and share it on social media sites.
6. Very easy to use this Ugadi Photo Frames.
7. Friendly interface.
8. Different types of Ugadi Photo Frames 15 sets provide.

If you like this "Ugadi Photo Frames New" app plz send your feedback and suggestion to atmsapps@gmail.com

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