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Trove Market

Trove Market

by Trove Tech, Inc.

Trove Market
Trove Market
Trove Market
Trove Market

Love hunting for amazing pre-owned, antique, unique or vintage furniture, home decor, and other treasures, but don't like the clutter of used goods on other marketplaces, barter in crowded flea market, sketchy craigslist or local classifieds?

Have something of your own to sell local or interested in buy local?

Trove is a second hand marketplace that makes it easier than ever to buy, sell, barter and discover preowned, restored, and vintage furniture and home decor items in the community, all on a simple mobile sales app.

Trove is featured in US News & World Report, Apartment Therapy, Houston Pulse Magazines, Country Living, and other media outlets. Apartment Therapy said we are one of the best alternatives to Craigslist.

Use Trove classifieds to see for sale items from your neighbors, boutique stores, antique shops, and artists. Before renovate or redecorate, get design ideas for your home interior, kitchen decor, backyard and more. You never know what bargains or second hand stores you may find. Offer up to reserve items you’re interested in buying, and pay through the app once you’ve met the seller face-to-face to see the item!


1. Browse the marketplace or classifieds for items, special sales or interior design ideas. Trove uses's your location** to show nearby items.
2. You can see seller profile and ratings. Sellers can be individuals, local vintage shops, or second hand stores.
3. If you like an item, favorite it for design ideas or make an offer up to how much you are willing to pay.
- You can use either a credit card or cash.
4. Pin down an appointment time that works for you to view the item.
5. If the seller accepts the offering, you can see it before you release the funds.
6. If you have any questions on the item, chat privately with the seller right in the app without revealing your email or phone number.

**Trove will NEVER REVEAL your location to Sellers. Location is used simply to find cool treasures near you.**


When you are ready to let go your used furniture or other stuff, it is easy to get stuff sold.

1. Take a picture and list your second hand item right from this mobile sales app (like a classifieds or a flea market, although much easier than Craigslist).
2. Pick days and times of availability so buyers know when the item is available.
3. Buyers will make offers on second hand items your selling, securely backed by a credit card (or cash on pick up if you are willing to consider them).
4. Accept or decline offers until you see the maximum the buyers are willing to offer up to.
5. Buyer comes to pickup the furniture or the home decor items you are trying to sell.
6. You get paid securely right in the app through Direct Deposit or Venmo for credit card offers.
(You can also accept cash offer up to your preferences).

Happy Troving! Btw. Merry Christmas and happy holidays. You can use Trove Market for your Christmas shopping or letgo your unwanted gifts instead of a garage sale, flea market or craigslist. :)

If you enjoyed Trove, please take a minute to leave a nice comment: it really helps.

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