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Triogical, THE Ultimate Puzzle

Triogical, THE Ultimate Puzzle

by Triogical Triogical


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Triogical, THE Ultimate Puzzle

Unite the forces of 3 wizards to solve 112 puzzles to escape from each room!

Embark on an adventure with our three wizards: Magneto, Eolia and Zappy, in a universe of magical islands.

Face many levels filled with devilish traps.

In Triogical you will have to cross cracked stone floors, manipulate landmines, use dynamite, walk on icy paths, avoid laser shots which can be deflected by mirrors, destroy pyramids and collect gems.

To help you, the three wizards each have their own special abilities.
The enigmatic Magneto can collect gems, activate objects and teleport himself.
The beautiful Eolia has the power to move objects by blowing them from afar.
The destructive Zappy can destroy almost everything that is in the way.

Solve all the levels using your ingenuity. Can you complete each level in the fewest steps? Compare your scores with players from around the world.

Throw yourself into this extraordinary and totally innovative puzzle game which is infinitely addictive.

Triogical offers:
● Several castles with about fifty levels each.
● In addition to solving the levels, complete them in as few steps as possible in order to rival the world's best players and enter the hall of fame.
● Start with 80 stars to open the Infernal Castle Island.
● Other castles containing ever more ingenious levels will be added regularly for those passionate about all kinds of puzzles!
● Rankings to follow your opponents and friends!

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