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Trendy Antistress Game! Oddly

Trendy Antistress Game! Oddly

by creativespartans


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Trendy Antistress Game! Oddly
Trendy Antistress Game! Oddly
Trendy Antistress Game! Oddly

Enjoy this worlds best relaxing & oddly satisfying game that is proven to give a calming and relaxing therapy experience to everyone! This game helps in anger management and shows a meditation effect on its players. Enjoy this worlds best stress relieving activities for mindfulness in 1 game and try not to get satisfied by this very satisfying experience ever. Your antistress relaxation experience is a single click Extra Pack of 2 Player Games:

If your friend is also stressed or angry and want a tap tap antistress experience this game contains an extra antistress pack for 2 players including Tap Tap Snail race multiplayer and tap tap catch the thief game along with a physics based fruit weight game.

If you friend is angry you can also involve him in some

Enjoy best leisure time activities including.

Scratch Art Rainbow Mini Notes:
Drawing takes a new turn with rainbow scratch draw art with wooden stylus on your rainbow mini note book. Enjoy Amazing scratch art effect on your mobile and forget the real life black scratch art books.

Bubble Wrap Popping:
For ages popping bubble wrap has proved to shown its stress relief effects! Enjoy this amazing bubble popper simulation for satisfaction.

Mechanical Food Gear Simulation:
Spin those gears made with food items and try not to get satisfied.

Fruit Cutter:
Cut these fruits with ninja cutters as fast as you can in a satisfying way.

Window Cleaning Simulator:
Clean those dirty windows in an oddly satisfying way to see the world behind.

Fish Aquarium:
Those Hungry fish are trying to eat food stop them from having their food by a single tap.

Tic Tac Toe O X game:
You can also involve your friend to play tic tac toe in a 2 players offline O X game.

Grow the Beard:
This new antistress activity is total fun. Tap on the screen to grow the beard of your hero before its too late. See how fast can you grow his beard. Can you grow it in 5 seconds. Beat your friend now!

Soothing Wind chimes:
Enjoy different windchimes sound effects for the ultimate relaxation.

Junior Rainbow Xylophone:
Enjoy the rainbow xylophone simulator and enjoy playing your favorite xylophone nodes for free.

Music Crystal Ball Simulation:
Play your favorite music tracks in music crystal ball simulator with an amazing glow in the dark effect and your favorite songs.

Jack Bean Popper:
Click to pop the jack beans and forget all the pimple popper games.

And so much more you will never forget! Download, get relaxed & enjoy :)

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