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The Emoji Clash Game

The Emoji Clash Game

by Jagdeep Sharma


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The Emoji Clash Game

Welcome to Emoji world! As we live on this planet with our own relationships, restrictions, love, feelings and so on the Emoji’s also live in the same way by creating its own world and they help us while we interact with other people. 

Emoji’s are stubborn with peak ego which even we never seen in humans and hence they never mingle with each other. We brought you the best game with unique game play, graphics, and cute emoji characters with the best music blend. The Best Emoji game has four different endless mini games namely Tap Tap, Spin, Classic, Dash and in each mini game you will see different challenges and unique game play. 

Most of the popular emoticons captured in the game to make perfect Emoji game for Emoji lovers.

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Tap Tap: In this mode there are set of Emoji’s at the bottom and you need to match the same falling Emoji.

Spin: Set of Emoji’s will be spinning at the bottom, tap & Hold to control the spinning of Emoji’s and match with the same falling Emoji. 

Classic: This has variety of unique endless stages and it gives you thrill with incremental difficulty as each stage you cross.

Dash: You need to match the falling Emojis to the set of blocks and it increases difficulty as you go on.

1. Simple and Addictive game
2. Cute Emoji's with special effect
3. Four in One game
4. Four mini games with unique game play
5. Family supported game
6. Optimized for less file size / less apk size

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