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Thai Alphabet Game

Thai Alphabet Game

by Ake apps

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Thai Alphabet Game
Thai Alphabet Game
Thai Alphabet Game
Thai Alphabet Game
Thai Alphabet Game

### Optimized for iPad
### This game is very good for ...
- Parents who wants to teach their kids to write Thai alphabets
- Pre-school kids to play and learn Thai alphabets
- Teachers in pre-school to teach their students
- Foreigners who wants to learn Thai alphabets
A great way to learn Thai alphabets for kids!

Learning Thai alphabets is not boring anymore since your kid will enjoy writing and playing games with Thai alphabets and numbers while listening to pleasant musics. 

This app consists of 6 games:

(1) Writing Thai alphabets and numbers
Learn how to write Thai alphabets by tracing your finger along the alphabet outline. When finished, it will play sound of that alphabet with a word in Thai together with a beautiful picture showing the meaning of that alphabet. There are 44 alphabets and 10 numbers to explore!

(2) Bouncing stars - Match picture with alphabet
A picture and stars with alphabets will be displayed on each round. The objective is to touch the star with right alphabet (same meaning as the picture), otherwise a turbulence will start and stars will be bouncing against each other.

(3) Bouncing stars - Match the shadow of picture with alphabet
A black shadow will be shown. You need to remember or guess the picture how it looks and choose the relevant alphabet. Stars start bouncing when the wrong alphabet is touched.

(4) Bouncing stars - Hear the voice and choose the alphabet
This time, there will be no clue of picture. You must remember the alphabet and choose the right one.

(5) Draw lines to match between picture and alphabet
Four sets of picture and alphabet are randomly generated. You need to draw a line to match each pair of picture and alphabet. The picture and alphabet disappear when the right pair is selected.

(6) Alphabet Driving
Love to drive a car? Then start driving a car now!
You will now become a driver who control a car to collect the picture on the road then drive to collect the correct star. The speed of the car increases every round, so please be careful not to miss the picture or correct alphabet. A long way to go... Don't worry, you will restart at the point where you missed.

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