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Taxy (Beta) - Find and compare Taxi Cabs in your City. Taxy helps you make smarter decisions about your taxi cab rides. Taxy gives you the right information at the right time for the trip that you are about to make. Save money through the power of information and make better choices for the taxi cab ride you are about to take. We bring to you the latest coupons/ discounts/ offers in your city. Compare availability of cabs nearby and also taxi cab fare and save money all the way ! Quite literally !

Taxy also helps you contact taxi cab providers in your city through their apps, mobile sites or phone, whatever you may prefer.

How does Taxy help you?
• Find taxi cabs around you at the tap of a button. See real time availability of cabs around you in minutes.
• Enter your destination to see estimated fares from each taxi cab service and how far away the taxi cab is from you at any given point. See offers/ discounts/ coupon code from various taxi cab services and save on every trip you take.
• Cut the clutter, See offers/ discounts/ coupon code from taxi cab services in your city and for your trip.
• See availability for autos from OlaCabs and Taxiforsure and compare different options to travel.
• Real time aggregator for top taxi cab players in India, OlaCabs, Taxiforsure, MeruCabs, Uber, Meru Genie.
• Get Taxi Cab/ Auto availability in more than 50 cities all over India. See Coupon Code, offers, discounts and compare fares in 16 cities in India.
• View taxi cabs near you in more than 52 Indian cities. Fare comparison, contact numbers for major cab services available in the following cities in India –
• Delhi
• Mumbai
• Bangalore
• Pune
• Hyderabad
• Ahmedabad
• Chennai
• Kolkata
• Chandigarh
• Goa
• Kochi
• Indore
• Jaipur
• Surat
• Bhopal
• Amritsar
• Loyal to a taxi cab service because it’s cheap? The same taxi cab service can be cheapest or most expensive based on the distance.
• Hard to keep track of all fare cuts/hikes? We will give you the latest quote customized for your trip.
• Riding to a new destination? Find out how much a taxi will cost you.
• See the cheapest fares for taxis based on your trip and make smarter decisions.
• Check out latest coupon codes, discounts and promotional offers in your city.
• Go directly to the app (if you have it) of the taxi cab you choose to ride.
• Not an app user? Go directly to the mobile site and book a cab.
• Don’t want to use mobile sites? Keep it simple, just call taxi providers from within the app.
• Be informed of hidden charges/ convenience charges.
• Airport pick-up/ drop? Be aware of taxi cab offers for airport only.
• Be prepared for airport arrival. Use the app to see cheapest fares and book a taxi in advance.
• New in the city? Save money by making smarter taxi choices.
• Compare fares for the major taxi providers in your city. Uber, Ola, TaxiForSure, Meru, Meru Genie, EasyCabs, MegaCabs and more local taxi services.

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