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Sweet Pix Photoboards

Sweet Pix Photoboards

by Trevor Sweet


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Sweet Pix Photoboards
Sweet Pix Photoboards
Sweet Pix Photoboards
Sweet Pix Photoboards
Sweet Pix Photoboards

Finally an easy way to decorate your home or office with your favorite iPhone and Instagram photos without having to put holes in your walls. Download now and free up memory on your phone and save those special moments for years to come. We deliver your favorite photos printed on 8x8 in boards right from your phone. The best part is they arrive ready to stick to your walls with out needing any tools, nails or a frame. 

Order from your iPhone, HD quality, ready-to-hang 8x8 in photo board prints that stick to your walls right out of the box. Unlike canvas and regular photo prints, Sweet Pix Photoboards are durable, won't fade or warp, Waterproof, UV Resistant, and won't damage your walls. Order for yourself or send them directly to friends or family as a thoughtful gift. FREE Shipping on all orders!

Choose between:

2 - Photoboards = $25
4 - Photoboards = $45
6 - Photoboards = $65

All photoboards are 8x8 in square and 1/2 in thick

Sweet Pix Photoboards are:

• HD Quality
• Waterproof & UV resistant
• Won't fade or warp
• Delivered ready-to-stick
• Won't damage your walls
• Repositionable 

What customers are saying:
“The photoboards came out gorgeous and they were very easy to hang. All you do is use the sticky adhesive squares included in your package and you’re done!” — Our Whiskey Lullaby Blog 

“The experience was seamless and the picture quality is great. I can’t wait to print another set of photoboards!” — Babes and Kids Reviews

Makes the perfect gift for: 
Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthday’s, Graduation’s, Christmas, Weddings, Special Events

Our photo boards are made using cutting-edge, high-quality, eco-friendly printing machines you only find in professional photo and printing shops. We guarantee your Sweet Pix Photoboards will look amazing for years to come.

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