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Superheroes vs Robot X War

Superheroes vs Robot X War

by Mas3dStudio


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Superheroes vs Robot X War
Superheroes vs Robot X War
Superheroes vs Robot X War

Futuristic transform battle has just begun among the superheroes vs robot x war! city heroes including incredible monster hero and super spider hero joining hands together against the evil robots. Strange spider hero vs robot x. Join this epic real robot transform war against the superheroes of the city. The futuristic city of incredible monster warriors and spider hero anti-terrorist is under attack of flying robot group, and the big city has been completely invaded by these evil forces. In first levels play with flying spider hero vs x robots superhero. Your spider hero has to start the great transform war against real robot & x ray robot to end extreme crime rate in the futuristic city as a flying hero and monster superhero fighter. Spider hero game 2017 with the twist of Superheroes vs Robot X War is here so get ready for strange hero vs robot.

Make your monster warriors an iron hero vs transform robots wars. Robots will change into car or moto to dodge you. Get ready for war against the steel transformed warriors. Superheroes vs robots battle is complete package like other robot transforming games. Make your monster an iron hero and hammer hero or a city legend against the jetpack robots. Monster vs robots battle! alien evil fight is super hot addition in robot transforming games and futuristic transform battle. 

The mutant spider and monster hero need to protect the futuristic city of spider anti terrorist while successfully accomplishing Superheroes vs robot X transform battle as a flying web hero and finally rescue the futuristic city from real robot and evil x ray robot. Monster hero vs robot x war! Fight like an iron monster hero. The futuristic city has turned into a forbidden city since the alien robots came. These monster fighters are made of steel and it's hard to destroy them in this final battle.

Features of super Spider VS Robot X Transform Battle:

• Select your player to join the futuristic transform war.
• Huge Futuristic New York city with plenty of fighting scenarios.
• Strange hero vs transform robot X with HD graphics.
• High altitude flying spider and monster hero experience.
• Combat system to fight against robots and evils with futuristic transform battle.
• Final fight, rescue and in action simulator games.

It’s time to use Strange Spider Superhero powers in future war along with monster warriors hero! Test flying spider skills required for accomplishing all superheroes anti-terrorist missions. Download now Superheroes vs Robot X War and perform the multiple iron fighting missions with super spider and monster bulk hero.

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