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by AStIS アスティス

It's simple, but is various customizable calendars.
It can exchange schedules.


- Display of holiday of the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, French, Germany, Italy, Japan.
  (It supports the holiday of all districts of the corresponding country.
   ( ex) Supports to all State holiday in the US. )
   And sequentially, I will continue to add the corresponding country / region.)
- Supports to substitute holidays.


- Display of the lunisolar calendar and synodic month.
- It can also display various events.
  (Christian Holidays(Trinity Sunday etc.), Hebrew Holidays(Purim ... etc.),
   Islamic Holidays(Muharram ... etc.), Mother's Day, Father's Day ... etc.)
- It can convert to the Jewish/Hijri calendar(Hebrew calendar and Islamic calendar).
- In calendar weekly, monthly, It can specify top with all day of the week.
  (Of course, starting from Monday, it can specify starting from Tuesday and starting from Saturday.)
- Schedule management is possible only with a smartphone, and available offline.
- It can exchange schedule in a group using the cloud and e-mail.
  (Only supports Android currently.) 
- In the case of storing and exchange of the schedule, it can lock with a password(AES 128 bit).
- It can use the schedule of Google Calendar.(However, Over ver4.0)

- It can register the Schedule In various specification method.

  ("Every Tuesday, except holidays", "Second Tuesday".) 
- It can easily register a schedule.
  (1.Tap on target date/time.  2.Enter a schedule.  3.Tap on "Add". Complete!)
- It can predict the cycle and manage performance.
  (For example, prediction of 29 days cycle and registration of performance.
   It can also be used in women's health management.)
- The Schedule can be displayed as a favorite image icon.
- In the case of consecutive schedules, it isn't displayed one by one,
  It can display with a band in a lump.
- In the case of schedule of the consecutive days(such as 21:00 - 6:00 the next morning),
  it can easily set up.
- It can adjust the time difference of schedule by specified date and time.
  (Automatic calculation by the time zone change ex) Tokyo 10:00 ⇒ New York 20:00(The day before))
- Diary and Memo(can be used as a ToDo) includes.
- Alarm and snooze function includes. (It can set the wake-up time in consideration of the day of the week and holidays.)
- Compatible with "Android TV".
- It will show how to use in the "Guidance".
  (To display the religious holidays, such as Christian holidays?, To display the hidden calendar?, To register birthday?,
   To change the countries/regions of the display target?, To register a snooze alarm?,
   To specify an icon at the schedule/cycle?, To hide the users schedule/cycle? etc.)
- Developer is not responsible for any damage or losses of any kind caused by the install or use or misuse of this application.
- The encryption (by AES-128 logic) of this application does not guarantee absolute confidentiality.
- When you use the image, please observe the copyright law.
- Please use this calendar as a reference.
- Please confirm the official calendar to the your government as needed.
- "Google Calendar" is a trademark or registered trademark of Google Inc.

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