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Stickman Stunt : Super Jump

Stickman Stunt : Super Jump

by ViMAP Services


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Stickman Stunt : Super Jump
Stickman Stunt : Super Jump
Stickman Stunt : Super Jump
Stickman Stunt : Super Jump

Jump jump jump ....... jump like a super stunts.

Stickman stunt is a wonderful and fast paced arcade game of jumping Mr. Super stickman jump from one circle to another.
Start jumping over the rotating circle and collect all the hot stars to advance in the game. It is a new addicting retro game for mobile.
If you are fond of playing jump game then you are going to love Stickman stunt : Super jump! The world is rotating and so do Mr. Super Stickman. Help him collect all the stars and enjoy the rotate and roll fun .

Mr Super Stickman is smart enough and has decided to rotate and roll in two hopper worlds:
1) Star collector: Mr Super Stickman is assigned to collect hot stars in each level. There are 30 wonderful and thrilling rotate and roll game.
2) Coin Collector: Now Mr. Super Stickman is coin collector. In this mode he will have to collect coin. He will have to jump from one rotating circle to another and he will have to collect all the coins in this level. To advance to the next level collect all the coins.

How to Play Stickman stunt : Super jump
• Tap on the screen to start jumping over to rotate circle
• Help Mr. Super Stickman collect all the stars and coins in each level
• Different colored rotating circle to jump off
• Plan before you jump so that to get all the coins

Stickman stunt : Super jump features.
• Help to jump Mr. Super Stickman and enjoy this super cool arcade game
• Very well designed hopper levels
• Game becomes interesting in the later phase because of the increasing complexity of levels
• Simple and easy game controls
• 2 Modes with 30 levels each of fun and entertainment
• Jump over rotating wheel and change the platform
• A simple physics game rule

Let’s see how far you take Mr. Super Stickman in this rotating world and score?

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