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Status Saver: Download HD video & Image from story

Status Saver: Download HD video & Image from story

by susamp infotech

Status Saver: Download HD video & Image from story
Status Saver: Download HD video & Image from story
Status Saver: Download HD video & Image from story

Presenting “Status Saver” that helps you to download videos and photos from App status! Moreover, get 3-in-1 “WhatsTools for Direct Chat that allows you to “Chat with Anyone, Send Empty Message, and Group Messaging”!

Found an interesting story on a friend’s status? Want to save it?

✋ Wait! Don’t take a screenshot OR bother your friend by asking him to send those media files! Just download this “Story Saver” and Save video or photo from WatsApp Status within a few seconds.

Usually, Story disappears after 24 hours from being uploaded. But, “Status Saver” helps you to browse, status download, save video, image & share them as your status in a few taps!

✨ Features of Status Saver & Status Download App:

☆ Download & Repost pictures/videos from Status Story.
☆ Save Video & Repost to other apps.
☆ It shows recently uploaded stories in this Status Download App .
☆ Get Notification when a Story is uploaded.

Many times, while checking watssap, you find pictures that you like. But, you can’t save them! With a status saver app (Story Saver), you can save Watssapp images, musical videos, or any other media you like in Status Story!

How to use Status Downloader App?

👉 Open status or story of your friend.
👉 Open Status Saver app > Click “Recent Status” > Here you will see all the Status.
👉 Open an image/video easily.
👉 Click on the ‘X’ icon, and get various options like save, repost, set as a profile, & delete!
👉 When you save a video, it will appear in the Saved Status tab, Get them & share.

✋ Check out the bonus feature ”WhatsTools: Open Chat without Number” along with Status Downloader App!

✔ Direct Chat with anybody without saving a number! Just select the nation code, enter the digits & talk with a stranger! 😋

✔ Send a blank text to your buddies & make them feel 'How does that happen?'😲

✔ Now do group messaging in a single click with our WhatsTools Status Downloader app for Opening Chat without Number.😉

✨ Send an invisible text with Direct Chat👻

With our “WhatsTools & Status Saver”, tell your friends that you are missing them without saying a word!

You can even send an empty message to UNSAVED NUMBERS by entering the number, and set the number of blank characters!

✨ Open Chat with Anyone💃

Don't want to save someone's watssap number? Use Direct Chat & Story Saver.


Just open “Status Downloader App”, enter a number, & start chatting! If the contact doesn’t exist, our WhatsTools: Direct Chat will inform!

✨ Group Message👨‍👨‍👧‍👧

Direct Chat App enables you to pass messages in bulk!

✍ How to use Direct Chat?

✎ Start “WhatsTools: Open Chat Without Number & Status Save”.

✎ To enable Direct Chat, click "Chat with New Number (Talk with stranger)" ➺Select Country ➺Enter Number ➺Start Chat.

✎ Select "Chat with Message" ➺ Write Message ➺ Click "Send Message" ➺ Choose contacts ➺ Hit Send ➺ Group Messaging Done!

✎ Click "Chat with Empty Message" ➺ Enter number of characters ➺ Press "Send Message" ➺ Select the contacts & send the blank text.

Highlights of Status Saver & status Download app

💢 Free Story Saver
💢 whatapp Group Messaging
💢 Talk with stranger (Chat with Anyone)
💢 Send Empty Message
💢 Video download & Image download
💢 Easy whatstool to help downloading Story

Still Reading about this easy status downloader app? 😛

Go Get the “Status Saver & Direct Chat” NOW! Start downloading your favorite Status and open chat without a number!

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