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Spin the ball

Spin the ball

by Windmill Studio


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Spin the ball
Spin the ball
Spin the ball
Spin the ball
Spin the ball
Spin the ball
Spin the ball

Its time to roll the ball in the all new Spin the ball game!
Spin the ball is our latest edition in the series of publishing brain physics game after our first game Brain Dead : Crayon puzzle.
Physics, brain, dots goes all together in the this super amazing and addictive rolling ball phenomenon game based on funny physics.
All you need to do is to keep your brain-on in this hottest ball game.
Mechanism of this spin the ball is easy and very simple. You have to drop the dot onto the switch with your brain help so as to turn it on to complete the level in this ball game.
Initial levels of spin the ball are simple physics puzzle but with progression in game you will have to keep your brain-on to act wisely.
In this very first version of this ball game here we present you 75 unique levels of physics puzzle, in which every level is different from one another.
We will be coming up with new levels of this dots puzzle game.
There are three stages in this game. Each stage has 25 levels of rolling ball mechanism. In each level try to collect keys. To unlock next stage you will require some keys.
To add more twist in the game some levels are with spring board which will enhance the bounce of the dots. You must roll the ball carefully to make proper use of springboards.
There are levels in which spinning blades will make the game more interesting. As this will throw these brain dots away.

Touch the left and right side of the screen to rotate the platform and manage thebrain dots to fall onto the red switch. This is going to be an entertaining ball game.
Objective of this game is to touch left to rotate the platform left and right to rotate the platform right in the orbital way. The path is orbital and platform moves along the axis. Just do it the way you want but complete the task to roll the ball onto the switch.

Exclusive Features of spin the ball:
• Many brain teasing levels of physics puzzle.
• Super addictive brain puzzle game
• Smooth and elegant touch controls
• Manage to fall dots over the switch in this ball game
• Always keep your brain on to solve the riddle
• Springboard for extra bounce

In the end we would like to like to thank you all for playing this physics puzzle game of orbital platform and spin the ball. As an indie developer your support is greatly appreciated. We thank to all the players for all the support and please bring us some feedback from you about this game.
If you don’t like anything in this rolling ball game then please email us at windmillstudio@hotmail.com
Please post your valuable reviews and suggestions.
We hope you will appreciate our effort and enjoy this physics puzzle!



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