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Speak English Fluently

Speak English Fluently

by Karan Singh


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Speak English Fluently
Speak English Fluently
Speak English Fluently
Speak English Fluently
Speak English Fluently

Speaking English fluently means being able to convey your opinion, sentiments and purpose. This application is providing the base knowledge with English Parts of Speech to English Tenses and then move to the next level beginner to intermediate level and in last advance level.

This application teaches to improve English speaking to the fluency in English so that you can get your confidence and your personality in front of whole world.

Parts of Speech, The English Tenses System, Pronunciation Tips, Number Homophones, Tongue Twisters, Vocabulary Words, Phrases, Most Common Grammatical Mistakes and English Conversations are also available in this android application that is useful to learn English speaking.

Tips that are described to Speak English Fluently are herein below:

1-Part of Speech
2- The English Tense System
3- Vocabulary Words
4- Most Common Grammatical Mistakes
5- Most Common Incorrectly Used Words
6- Number Homophones
7- Pronunciation Tips
8- Learn Phrases, Not Words
9- Use Speaking Tongue Twisters
10- English Conversations
11- Practice, Practice and Practice
12- Speak in front of Mirror
13- Watch English Movies and Songs
14- Make Eye Contact
15- Do Group Learning
16- Make Handy Paper Slips
17- Took Help from best friends and relatives
18- Be Proud and Happy
19- Don’t be afraid to make Mistakes
20- Do Individual Learning
21- Read English News Papers
23- Think in English only
24- Try to Reading Novel

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If you follow the described tips, you will easily speak English Fluently and also boost English conversations ability. I think that this android application is robust tool to learn English very fast and speak fluently.


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