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Solar Smash

Solar Smash

by Mithun Porandla

Solar Smash
Solar Smash
Solar Smash
Solar Smash
Solar Smash
Solar Smash
Solar Smash
Solar Smash

Solar smash is an all new game for Kids and teens that presents a way to explore the planets in the galaxy in a fun packed which makes it a thrilling planet game.
Expand your planet and show your dominance over other planets and meteorites. Battle along with time to score higher in leader boards. But remember, colliding without shield results in explosion in this collision game.
Clash with other planets in the galaxy. Explode in outer space. Solar Smash is a simple yet addictive game which makes it a best space game. 
Solar smash has many other planets and meteorites which crosses the path of our planet but playing it for longer makes the other planets infant in front of our planet.
Solar smash is more challenging when our planet has its size increased, so in this planet game you will find it more difficulty level as you score more.
This space game is very addictive game for kids and teens. In this collision game we have to save our planet from other solar planets to get in touch without shield.
The motions of the comets are not exceedingly regular in this addictive game, and they observe the same laws as the motions of the planets, but they differ their speed when they make collision to the shield.
This is not only a game for kids and teens even the others find this planet game very stress reliever.
In this space game unlock your favorite planets and collide with other planets including some comets and meteorites. Collision without a shield results into exploding of your planet.
Play this addictive game and challenge your friends to play this new collision game of planets to beat your high scores.
Collide with some of the beautiful planets across the universe. Collects stars to unlock new planets in this space game. Avoid explosions.
This Planet game is challenging to play and addictive space game for kids and teens.
In this planet game a simple touch and hold control makes it very easy game for kids and teens to learn this top collision game.
Earn points and play this addictive game and beat your friends score using Google play services leader boards.
Playing this collision game is very easy to play and gameplay is very attractive.
*Easy to learn controls. Just touch and hold to score.
*Simple UI
*Leader Boards
*Unlock-able planets. 16 planets and an additional sun to play with.
*Integrated Google play game services, so that your progress is synced across your devices.
*Note - You have to sign-in to Google Play Game Services at the start of your game to save and sync your game progress across android devices. 

Thanks to FlatIcon for helping in making this beautiful game.

Icons made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com
Icons made by VectorMarket from www.flaticon.com
Icons made by SmashIcons from www.flaticon.com
Icons made by Nikita Golubev from www.flaticon.com

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