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Sniper Cop Contract to kill 3D

Sniper Cop Contract to kill 3D

by iDivine Creation

Sniper Cop Contract to kill 3D
Sniper Cop Contract to kill 3D
Sniper Cop Contract to kill 3D
Sniper Cop Contract to kill 3D
Sniper Cop Contract to kill 3D
Sniper Cop Contract to kill 3D

Sniper Cop Contract to kill 3D

Police & Mafia Gangs crime Game the real Action Game. It is Combat of cop Sniper vs terrorist / Crime Multilevel Shooting Game.

Cops face lot's of challenges against criminal,Terrorist,Mafia & Deadly infected Zombies.Snipe them between town traffic.

Be alert during call on duty. Be a Sniper Cop & Save your Grand city. City Need your Help.
During mission you could not get help from fighter army helicopter, military tank,fighter jet plane,gunner soldier or Commando.

Are you ready for Deadly Rifle the Gunner Challenges ?
Ready to show your Smart & Sharp tirailleur shooting simulator Skill ?

Perform Different mission like

1) Wanted : in this mode you have to perform Different Mission. You Need to speed trigger the rifle. Hunt all tirailleur by headshot. Hunting all hidden city wanted.
- One Prisoner killed our two officers and escape from jail / prison. Police Department give you job to kill him.
- New Beautiful young Girl joined this gang. She is very sharp minded. She Park the car in garden & finalize deal of dangerous weapon.
- Snipe Most wanted Gangster. Who is talking on Mobile Phone. Don’t miss this chance.
These kind of other Extra Ordinary missions in this Mode.

2) Sniper Contract : 
- We get an information from secret agent. Some Criminal plan to kidnaping city people. Just kill that kidnaper and help them before he kidnap him.
- Two Kidnapers are kidnaped a Saudi Businessman and Now they are demanding lots of money and helicopter to release him. Don’t Make any mistake other wise they kill that businessman. Be careful they are too dangerous.

3) City Theft 
- Find the theft of Limo Car & Sport Racing Car. He is Extreme City Driver. Driving car at extreme speed. Kill him before he escape.
- Snipe the theft who is in mask.

4) Expert : In this mode you have to show your Smartness & Sharpness. 
- Strategic Shooting skill must require.
- Kill to Criminal with one bullate only.
- Rescue the Hostages

5) Bomber
- Find Bomber in city before he kill VIPs.He has very explosive RDX.If he success in his blast than it affect on our country nation business.

6) Zombie Attack 
- Save City from infected Zombies. Defense against monster & flying zombies.

Guys and Gulls! I am sure you are fond of sharp contract killer skills, to destroy the target. 
Sniper Cop Contract to kill 3D is the first person shooting game.

Enjoy the multiple targets Fire all the enemies out there; accomplish missions to become Master in Action Game. 
Don’t miss the opportunity to shoot the criminals, do not end up with task fail, and shoot with free will.

Our task is to save that innocent people from the Gaol. it's not too easy to complete that task.
You have to execute prisioner, mask man, gangsters, one gangster girl, zombies, kidnapper, theft, and many more..
We try to make Awesome and intresting game.you can also enjoy game play music which entertain the game.
You also can get some contract from security agencies like save politicions, businessman, foreigners, City Peoples, etc..

This is time to show your skill and help police to execute mafia gang members..
Some criminal is trying to put bomb near bus and car, customize your Gun and kill the bomber.
This game has lots of level wise missions.. each and every tasks are very interesting. 
You are a master assassin, hired to infiltrate secure locations and eliminate high-profile targets. Zoom in & out for better vision and to sight your targets.
Show your mastery in this game you act as an ace professional contract killer assassin for wicked mind power guys.

How to Play:

• Read the instructions carefully and complete your missions
• Touch and move the screen to aim the enemy.
• Use your tirailleur scope to aim at enemies from a distance
• Use fire button to shoot

Key features:-

- Realistic simulation
- Realistic visual effects
- Different Levels with new Mission
- The natural sounds of fire and game music

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