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SKY Racer No Limit 3d

SKY Racer No Limit 3d

by Idivinecreation

SKY Racer No Limit 3d
SKY Racer No Limit 3d
SKY Racer No Limit 3d

SKY Racer No Limit 3d

Oh MY GOD! Racing your plane in air!!! Are you sure!! you are ready to challenge the best drivers of Real Racing Game?
SKY racer No Limit 3d is giving you the chance to become a spaceman and you will become the space invader in no time,SKY racer No Limit 3d is more interesting when you are provided with a space simulation, and your space ship will be under your control. 
Play a new challenging racing game with exciting adventure and real 3D physics and environments.

Drive beyond the fences! Start racing right away. No need to login and create a profile. Just pure rally racing fun.
Join the rush of an adrenaline rising in this amazing Extreme Palne Racing Adventure!
But Be careful from stone, If Your Plane crash with stone then plane will be blast.
The planes you can use are true to life in performance, characteristics and fuel capacity.

Are you ready to be a spaceman?If YES, then this free game will give you the thrill of real spaceship.
This game will allow you to feel the real experience of spacecraft which is in space now. Make your way up in the galaxies, play this amazing 3D game with an unlimited ammo, and an unlimited run just for you spaceman.
It is an open challenge for you and your friends to make high score and compare it with each other. Don’t be clumsy run fast run fast in endless running games for kids.

No wifi is needed here, no excessive mobile services required. To play with this game all you need is to be the airplanes lover, a pilot, and a pure spaceman so that you can fly in the sky. 
As far as you go one by one your plane will be unlock. and you can get new plane. in this game you have four amazing planes.
Flying Plane: Fligth Simulator is totally different from car games, helicopter games, airplane games and simulator games.
Earning chekpoints along the way by simply playing the game.


- Real space ship steering experience, with the movement of your device.
- Impressive HD Graphics
- Endless Fun
- Easy to Control
- Enjoy games with free download
- Scoring to keep record of your hardship

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