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Simon Says : Memory Challenge Board Game

Simon Says : Memory Challenge Board Game

by Darkcheetah studio


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Simon Says : Memory Challenge Board Game
Simon Says : Memory Challenge Board Game
Simon Says : Memory Challenge Board Game
Simon Says : Memory Challenge Board Game
Simon Says : Memory Challenge Board Game

When we need a memory game and check our mental capacity, go for the Simon Says game. Of course, it is the most addictive game as well as a classic game in the world. The user has to keep an eye on the sequence of tune and colors. Then, it would help if you inputted in the same sequence as you saw. In case you are correct, then you will move to the next level. If there is one step wrong, then game over.

So, you will check the memory functions and boost it by Classic Simon board. With HD graphics, the game is just rocking with its user interface action. When you play every time, there will be different sequences. Unfortunately, there is no way to cheat in this challenge game. The levels range from easy to moderate and show how extreme is your memory power. Simon Says is ultimately a mind game which tests the memory skills and color sequence.

Test memory skills
While playing correctly, you will find out unlimited levels in the game. It comprises of tune and colors depend on the levels. Of course, the Simon board game is something unique, and we can play anytime, anywhere. They bring forth attention to users who wish to download the Simon game as well. This is a memory challenge board game suitable for checking extreme memory power. The memory challenge game will undergo when you install this game. A sequencing game that lets you find out massive levels within simple steps. The memory challenge is acceptable, and we could learn many things to boost our memory power.

HD quality and pleasing colors
Simon Says is a memory challenge test with unique color sequences and tunes. It is something like a brain game and includes a memory challenge as well. They depend on the Simon memory game that develops a useful platform that gains more power when playing. The color memory game is simply fantastic because of its HD quality levels. It accepts memory challenge tests and downloads to Android phones. The memory challenge quiz is something different that allows you to develop memory skills, especially for children.

How to play Memory Challenge (Simon Says)?
- At first, download and print the Simon Says from Play Store
- Memory and cut apart ten strips on the page
- Stack the strips with action #1 at the top
- Then, staple strips together
- Perform action#1 and tap your head with both hands two times
- Finally, remember exact sequences and order them.
- If it is correct, move to the next level

A simple sequence game
On the other hand, the game consists of four colors that will flash in sequence game. When the sequence stops, gamers have to tap it out without making any mistakes. It put your memory skills to test for free on your Android phone. The brain exercise will be accepted when you enter the next level. The Simon memory game is fantastic and able to test skills rapidly. You can get a memory challenge quiz by correcting the sequence as same. As a result, everyone loves this color sequence game with benefits and features. This is ultimately a memory challenge brain exercise, and at any age, people can play this mind game for free on an Android device.

Variety of color sequence
Furthermore, the Simon says includes several things that clearly denote with fabulous games. In fact, this includes different things so that one can able to understand it quickly and start playing the Simon memory game. In a risk-free way, you can play a variety of color sequence game that gives exclusive results as per the need. A memory challenge quiz simply provides best results after considering with the brain function training forever.

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