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Sex Guru

Sex Guru

by SAG

Sex Guru
Sex Guru

The program is a joke - used fingerprint scanner to identify the sex of your energy.
Very good or bad, maybe you master guru in sex? Make fun of your friends or boyfriend / girlfriend, telling them that your phone can scan and identify the individual level of sex energy.
Just put your finger to the screen fingerprint and wait for the end of the inspection and the completion of scanning up to 100%. Next you will see your level of sexual energy!
If you want to make fun of your friends, you choose in advance the result of the program in the hidden settings. In order to enter the hidden settings need to click alternately on the lower left corner of the screen, below the upper left corner and then press the upper right corner of the screen.
The selected setting is valid for one next scan. All subsequent solutions program takes in a random order.
Remember this application - a joke. In real life, it would be impossible even for real fingerprint scanning machines.

Application features:
- 5 levels of sex energy: bad, normal, good, excellent, guru.
- Easy to use, only you can know the result!
- The application joke to cheer friends.
- Get your girlfriend or boyfriend laugh!
- Your friends will think that your phone can detect their sexual abilities!
- The application has a realistic percentage bar that allows to think that the program actually scans your fingerprint!
- Great for dating women!

What are you waiting for ?! You still have not downloaded this app? Then rather swing app and play his girlfriend or boyfriend.

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