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Secret Recorder Video HD

Secret Recorder Video HD

by ysApps Android

Secret Recorder Video HD
Secret Recorder Video HD
Secret Recorder Video HD
Secret Recorder Video HD
Secret Recorder Video HD
Secret Recorder Video HD

Secret Recorder is a hidden camera application. It enables you to record audio/video in background.
It provides options to enable/ disable shutter sound, camera preview and the camera facing  ( i.e. front or back).

There are so many useful functions in the app , it ll not be feasible to describe all of em .
Some of main features are listed below.

 * Secret Video recording Unlimited duration
 * Secret Audio Recording unlimited duration
 * Camera capture without shutter sound
 * Easy, Stealth and Hybrid recorder (i.e. you can choose between audio/video recording on same screen with single touch depending on the requirement)
 * Enable/Disable or resize preview (between full or small screen).
 * ONE TOUCH RECORDER, a widget is provided to start/stop the recording
 * HD RECORDER, it records the maximum available quality from your phone .If your camera supports QHD it ll record that too.
 * START AND ROLL LIKE A PRO. Start the recording and use your phone like normal. You will be able to use your phone like normal it would block
your phone. You can even lock your phone and hold in any position. In this scenario no body ll be able to tell if you are recording. Like a pro :)

 * ONE TOUCH SCHEDULER. You can schedule the secret recording as an alarm. It ll trigger automatically (Length of recording is customizable) .
 * ONE TOUCH SMS TRIGGER. You can set a pin to trigger the recording from remote. If  you forget to schedule or want to start recording
 Do it with this pin just by sending this pin as sms from any normal/smart phone.
 * Auto Night mode. Improve quality automatically if recording is done in night.
 * PIN LOCK is available to protect your recordings from mis- handling. PIN lock is only applied to the recordings. It means everyone can record from your phone.
 but only one who set the pin(i.e obviously you) ll be able to see the recordings. Just dont forget to set the pin lock from settings screen.
 * Recording quality option is available. Select as per your convenience.
 * Visibility of preview is adjustable
 Note : For devices running on or Above Android Marshmallow, Please grant all the permission at the start only. Otherwise some functions may not work.
 This app has already been successfully tested on following Devices
 # All Samsung devices having atleast 1 camera.
 # All micromax devices
 # All Motorola Devices
 # All Xiamoi,Gionee,Leeco,Lava,Oppo and various devices.
 # please try it and if you find it not working on your device if not listed on above Please mail us at maapps89@gmail.com

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