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Scribble Free

Scribble Free

by Fingerprint Digital Inc.


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Scribble Free
Scribble Free
Scribble Free
Scribble Free
Scribble Free

TELL YOUR STORY with Scribble, the creative bookmaking App for kids!

Designed for the classroom and at home, Scribble is a creativity platform for children to imagine, write, illustrate, and publish their own stories. Powerhouse features include video export, audio recording, musical scores, over 300 drawing tools, backgrounds, and stickers to inspire creativity and 30 fill-in-the-blank story starters ranging from the silly to the sublime.

Formerly known as Scribble Press, this fun and family-friendly creativity platform has been called “hands down the best story creation App” and has won numerous awards from educational and parenting media. Originally launched for the iPad in 2011, Scribble has since been adopted by teachers and young authors in thousands of classrooms and been used to create over 100,000 books. Scribble teaches aspiring authors to write their own books, developing skills in literacy, writing, creativity, illustration, and more.


This all-new version of the app includes powerhouse features such as:
- Start with one of our 35 book templates, or use a blank book
- Author and design your book, using our library of 250 beautifully-illustrated stickers and backgrounds
- Use the camera tools to take, cut, crop and add photos
- “Put Yourself in the Story” - A fun new way for kids to cast themselves in the role of a storybook character
- Choose the perfect musical score for your story
- Record your own voice narration - Have fun personalizing your story, while developing literacy
- Make a movie - Save your story as a movie to watch anytime with parents, friends and teachers


- Perfect for your classroom!
- Teachers can access a variety of features which allow sharing and presenting of stories.
- In the classroom, using Scribble teaches young authors skills in literacy, writing, and creativity.

Note: To protect child-safety and allow kids to write any storybook they can imagine, only parents and teachers are able to publish books or access sharing features within the app.


Accolades received by Scribble Press:

TIME Magazine’s Top 25 iPad apps for Kids in 2012
Parents Choice Gold Award 
“Hands Down the Best Story Creation App” - Famigo
“This is one cool tool! Kids can use their imaginations to author, illustrate, and publish an ibook, which can then be shared.” - Teachers with Apps.com
“Scribble Press is my favorite kids’ treat.” - Jennifer Garner

Scribble: Author, Create and Publish!

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