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Scourby YouBible

Scourby YouBible

by Jagdeep Sharma

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Scourby YouBible
Scourby YouBible
Scourby YouBible
Scourby YouBible
Scourby YouBible

You Bible is a Bimodal presentation of the King James Bible, with Text and audio Synced together. It includes the complete Old Testament and New Testaments and is masterfully and majestically narrated by Alexander Scourby; “the greatest voice ever recorded” – Chicago Tribune. Watch our promotional video and see if you agree. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QbitSWO8IV4

YouBible is your perfect Bible companion and caters to the user with functional, friendly and easy to use features, some of which are Patent Pending. YouBible App is resolutely designed and fastidiously fashioned. It’s not just an APP that’s technically possible, but one that’s functionally useful; helping users to redeem their Bible Study time in a new, convenient and efficient interface.

YouBible App includes many useful features (see below) and we also have mp3 AUDIO Bible downloads on our web site for laptops and mp3 players. These are self contained on your device and you need no internet connection to play them. So what Bible app is in your pocket.

App Features: 
Narrated by Alexander Scourby the Voice of the Bible.
# 70+ Hours of Audio.
# New Easy to Navigate Hamburger Menu, Clean, Distraction Free Interface. 
# Listen and Read at Same Time with Verse Highlighted. 
# Build Your Own Playlists of Bible verses! 
# Bible Reading Plans 
# Share Verses with Friends, Email, Text Twitter or FaceBook it.
# Share verse of the day.
# Look up by Word or Chapter, Book and Verse in seconds. 
# Sleep Timer. 
# Repeat Button for Verse Memorization 
# History of What You Have Been. 
# Volume Control, Stop Start and Mute Button
# Day and Night Mode. 
# Jesus Words in Red
# Settings for Font Size and Type, Set Reading Plan Time, 
# Help Menu for all Features
# Videos, Maps and More

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