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School Wars - High School Edition

School Wars - High School Edition

by Bonezales Productions


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School Wars - High School Edition
School Wars - High School Edition
School Wars - High School Edition
School Wars - High School Edition
School Wars - High School Edition


The first true school war simulator only on App Store! Can you survive?
In real life it's forbidden to do that in school. Well... here is a quite different story! You have come to the right place.
Throw paper planes, eggs, water balloons and much more stuff at students and try to eliminate them or set them up!

You are playing as a student.
You are bored and you don't know what to do, so you start a war in the class by eliminating all students or trying to set them up.
But be careful! Opponents give more damage than you!

Try to make the professor think that everybody else is being bad except you. Make your own strategy and try to eliminate all students before the time runs out! If you defeat every student you will get a reward!

• Choose your student by simply holding your finger on his/her table
• Choose your "weapon pack"
• Eliminate all students
• Touch the table of the student you want to eliminate!
• Bribe them. Let others do the job for you!
• Watch out for the professor or you will be EXPELLED after 2nd time warning!

• Mini game - Easy mode - Normal mode - Hard mode
Easy to learn, hard to master!
3 modes available - Easy - Normal - Hard
• 2 school weapon packs - 1. Starter pack, 2. End of school pack
• 16 school weapons
• Task list style instructions
• Throw weapons at students, chalkboard, map or break a skeleton!
• Screen shakes when you bring damage to your opponent
• Bribery
• Old style music
• Professor - very strict, patrolling and makes sure nobody makes mess
• 20 students
• 18 unlockable characters
• Every student is doing something
• Millennial picture of the students - Every time when you unlock a new student, it will automatically fill out the picture with the unlocked one!
• Best student reward
• Real sound effect for every single school weapon
• Funny pictures of the Headmaster
• High quality pixel graphics
• Alarm that can be activated (just for fun) touch it to break the glass cover and it will turn on
• Intro of reading marked exam papers and giveaway to students
• Challenge your friends via Game Center!

A game made with love and passion with a 2D, lots of small details and high quality pixel graphics.

A game with unique mechanics, easy to understand and fun gameplay. It's a game in which was put much effort from a single person. There was a lot of brain work finding the best and the most exciting way to play this game.

Enjoy the game!

***Warning*** - The game will not work on iPad 1, iPhone 4 or older!


What's New in Version 1.5

VERSION 1.5 - Major update
• Menu logo opening fixed
• Fixed problem with opening the second "weapon pack"
• Speed improvement
• Better graphics quality and faster loading
• Sound fixed when choosing a "weapon pack"
• 3 difficulties in the mini game - compete with your friends via game center
• New leaderboard added for the mini game
• Weapons are much more faster and dynamic

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