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School Bus Driving Challenge

School Bus Driving Challenge

by Lisa Jeff


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School Bus Driving Challenge

Ready to play the latest Schoolbus driving 3D simulator game.You are a designated driver who will drive all the smart students to harvard university through the busy city in new york.In this game you are driving bus and your job is to pick up the smart students from bus station in awesome 3D designed city.Be ready to complete the all driving missions with not only city coach driving but also school bus extreme parker challenges in this school bus driving 3d simulator.Pick the students to bus station and send them to harvard university, after that you can pick the city tourists for a fantastic big metropole tour in this school bus games.Drive your school bus around the city this is going to be fun and challenging game.

Driving a car is easy or parking But bus parking and bus driving is different and difficult, bus driving takes real skills.School Bus driving games, coach bus driving simulator were never such to make you follow the traffic rules but in this school bus driving 3d simulator game you will follow the traffic rules and this best school bus simulator is giving you school bus driver platform.Its time to pick the smart students from bus stop and send them to college through the big busy city of new York.You will face the different hurdles and obstacles on your way.

The kids are waiting in bus stop for their favourite bus driver to transport them to school on time.You must drive safely on crazy paths don't hurt anyone on your path and don't crash the other vehicles.You really need precision driving skills in this extreme parker school bus driving simulator game before you can transport all the kids to their destination.Show your driving skills and Be the best bus driver ever and don’t be a creeper. The smart students do not like crazy school bus drivers.School Bus Driver simulator is an open world driving simulator game, drive the school bus, do some stunts by clearing huge ramps, jump through hoops and explore the big busy city of America.

School Bus Driving Challenge Game Features:

-Experience the feel of 3D city Environment & HD Graphics
-10 missions to drive and bus driving gameplay
-Realistic schoolbus driving 3D simulator physics
-Enjoy the school bus driving experience
-Traffic on the streets you need to watch

You must drive to a timetable and Keep your school bus under control,your job is to drive and transport your student passengers around the city.You are able to unlock the most awesome bus simulator vehicles in School Bus Simulator 2017.Choose the best path and follow the arrow to your end destination.If you love school bus driving games you should definitely try this game.There are 10 most exciting levels which make you and feel you expert bus driver.Test your driving skill and show some stunts in this bus driving game.

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