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Runbinson – Run and Play Survival RPG Game

Runbinson – Run and Play Survival RPG Game

by Florian Egert


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Runbinson – Run and Play Survival RPG Game
Runbinson – Run and Play Survival RPG Game
Runbinson – Run and Play Survival RPG Game
Runbinson – Run and Play Survival RPG Game
Runbinson – Run and Play Survival RPG Game

Runbinson - Run and Play Survival RPG Game

You’ll need at least an iPhone 5 to play Runbinson.

Download Runbinson now, the only Run and Play Survival RPG Game where you really need to perform the required physical activities to win this game. Runbinson is an immersive fitness game that requires each player to walk, run, or jog to complete the quests and game objectives while collecting resources. Runbinson is a running game like no other because it is a combination between a running app and a survival game.
Many people complain that we waste most of our time playing RPG games or adventure game on our device. We really want to feel how it feels to run from danger, adrenaline coursing through our bodies and our heart beat faster and faster as we race against Time. This is why we create Runbinson – Run and Play Survival RPG Game. In order to immerse yourself fully in the story and feel what the character really feels, you have to run against time. No time to laze around. Your survival depends on your fitness and speed.
You play as Tom Fox in this survival game. You are now stranded on an island and you need to survive as long as possible. There are a lot of things to do if you want to stay alive. Play and run around the island and collect things that are very important for your survival. Each chapter and objective will guide you toward winning this running game.

Runbinson TOP features:
• An ultimate fitness app which combines adventure game and survival game elements to motivate you to run, walk, and jog as part of your training program.
• Various quests in 10 story chapters designed to arouse your curiosity and competitiveness to win.
• Discover a lot of items and buildings as you venture around the island in this play and run game.
• Level up your character as you run, walk, and jog in this running game.
• You can hear your own music when you are running and playing this immersive adventure game. This fitness game app will inform you of your game status in audio updates in the background.
• Track and store all your sport training sessions with GPS and view your progress.
• First class voice over to read the story and status that will make this survival game feels more intense the more you play.
• Beautifully designed retro style game graphic.

Runbinson - Run and Play Survival RPG Game is also compatible with Apple Watch. You can use your Apple Watch as your running trainer. Here are some features you can access if you have an Apple Watch:
• Start your game and sport training sessions directly from your watch.
• View the details of your adventure game progress such as resources and status in real time.
• Keep an eye on your actual progress by viewing your recent activity statistics on your Watch.
• Read the adventure game quest objectives or the story arc from your Watch.
• Enjoy the retro island survival game graphic from your Apple Watch.

Runbinson is more than just an ordinary running app or fitness game. It challenges you and encourages you to keep on running, collecting things, and overcoming obstacles. It is truly an epic run and play game that you can access anytime anywhere on your device. Runbinson utilizes every aspects of your phone, from the beautiful graphic and smooth gameplay, GPS, voice over, and even Apple Watch to give you the ultimate gaming experience that you have never encountered before.

This play and run game is a great motivator to make you do your sport training and actually move your body.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Runbinson has been designed to use GPS and other sensors sparingly. The app relies mostly on acceleration data, cell tower and Wi-Fi locations.

Runbinson – Run and Play Survival RPG Game is developed by Green Fish Tank. We are constantly developing our app. Please send us your comment or feedback to our email address info@greenfishtank.de

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