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Road Dash

Road Dash

by Claude Newman


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Road Dash
Road Dash

Road Dash is a simple, easy, enjoyable and extremely fun runner game. It is a free role playing adventure game where it’s all about running! Dash into adventure and become best runner in the world! Explore eastern - oriental city and huge green park. City is big, but there is no subway in it, only endless road! But be careful! Avoid being hit by buses and cars or your endless run will end! Keep surfing, and collect coins, watermelons, books and luck points on the road.

Use your own skills to jump, run, surf, climb, roll, strafe and trick your chasers - inspector and granny! Kids are fast, but inspector and granny can catch your runner and your endless run will end. Keep in mind this is a free runner game, so there is no in app purchases and all adventures are unlocked. Level up your characters, unlock all upgrades and become stronger.

  • Road Dash is very friendly and fun - surf, run, be quick, smart - and become best runner in the world!
  • Beautiful oriental city - Baku!
  • Memorable and full of humor in-game animated cutscenes!
  • Fluid character animations!
  • Different chasers - inspector and granny.
  • Collect coins, watermelons, books, boosters, mystery boxes and many many other fun items!
  • Throw watermelons and books at inspector and granny and they will lose you,
  • Use coins to upgrade and level up your character. Also, you can use coins to buy mystery boxes which contains boosters, magnets, more coins and you even have a chance to earn 10000 coins!
  • More than 100 quests!
  • Daily and weekly quests, only best runner can finish them!
  • Watch video and get daily present!
  • Compete with your friends!

Slick cartoon graphics, perfectly polished for your mobile devices! Road Dash is available for free on Google Play.

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