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River Fun - 3D Jet Boat Racing

River Fun - 3D Jet Boat Racing

by Potenza Global Solutions


More Info

River Fun - 3D Jet Boat Racing
River Fun - 3D Jet Boat Racing
River Fun - 3D Jet Boat Racing
River Fun - 3D Jet Boat Racing

Have you ever tried a boat rowing game in your mobile? Want to enjoy the real boat rowing simulator? Don’t be late then! Download this riptide GP like game and be a driver speedboat paradise winner!
This game has spectacular views, graphics and 3D special sound and visual effects. Race your powerboat racing 3d simulator in the ultimate river. Enjoy exciting graphics and natural sounds.
Race around exotic locations, feel the high-speed racing thrill and become the best pilot on the waves! Play with Pixel Boat Rush and ride a boat like Dhoom 3 Jet Speed. This turbo boat game and rc speedboat simulator will give you the ultimate boat racing and surfing experience. Also enjoy drag racing boats.

How to Play?

River Fun is a unique game in which you will be assuming the role of a person rowing a boat. As a rower, while you move ahead, you also need to steer clear of the fish that bring down your blood level.
A clash with a shark is equivalent to the game coming to an end. By tilting your device you can steer away from these barriers. Another barrier would be in the form of a log or burning fire. You need to tilt down to pass the path without being hit by any of these.

App Features:

Awesome gaming idea
Get Engaged in ‘Real’ fun
Super rowing feature a boat
Stunning graphics
HD natural background music
Suitable for kids and adults!

This is AWESOME and EXCITING game for all ages kids and adults. Adults will also enjoy the boats for kids in this game!
Don’t be late! Get this game right now!
So get ready for some XXXXXXXXX action. Dash as much high as you can!

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YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rPXwMMbtEA

Note: All of our awesome games are free to play. Let us know your suggestion or complain at app.potenza@gmail.com

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