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Recorder Lite: Voice Recording

Recorder Lite: Voice Recording

by Livebird Technologies


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Recorder Lite: Voice Recording
Recorder Lite: Voice Recording
Recorder Lite: Voice Recording
Recorder Lite: Voice Recording
Recorder Lite: Voice Recording

Let's talk beyond recording, let's talk sound!

Recording App Pro is an all-in-one recording application that will enable you to record your precious sessions, concerts, conferences, meetings, and much more. You can experiment with sound by recording in various formats, editing and trimming the recording, and playing with different playback controls.

With Recording App Pro you can also import your music list to edit and play in different styles. It will also prove to be an excellent music manager with its File Managing feature. When it comes to sharing, Recording App Pro is both public and private. You can easily upload your audio/recordings on cloud storage like iCloud, SoundCloud, Evernote, SkyDrive, etc.

Want to keep private recordings? With a Private folder, you can keep your recordings password protected.

Want to import your recordings to your Mac? - Do it with our Wi-Fi and FTP sharing feature.

Record, Edit, Play, Share and Enjoy!

#Theme option with Dark Theme & Lite Theme#

#### Features #####

# Audio Recorder

- Unlimited Recording (Tested up to 20 hours).

- Call Interruption handling - Recording will continue after a call or other interruption.

- Continue recording into existing recordings.

- Live audio wave while recording.

- Auto Pause and auto-resume recording.

- Set Input gain for the increase and decrease microphone gain.

- Support recoding via Bluetooth.

- Restart/Redo recording.

- Best UI and UX.

# Recording Formats & Quality

- Different recording formats: AIFF, WAV, CAF, M4A.

- Different Quality - Low(Smallest Size), Medium(Best for voice), High(CD Quality), Max(High Definition Quality).

- Different Bit Depth - 16 Bit, 24 Bit, 32 Bit.

# Audio Input and Output Device Support

- Support for different I/O devices. Like bluetooth, headphones, external mic, speakers, etc.

- Tested with Tascam iM2.

- You can switch between the connected devices.

#Auto Stop Recording

- Recording will automatically stop at a specific time interval.

# Recording Interval

- Automatically recording intervals based on the selected durations like 15 Min, 30 Min,1 Hour, etc.

# Player

- Fast Forward and Backward.

- Manage Playing Speed.

- Trimming Audio.

- Audio Output Settings.

- Supports Apple EarPhones and EarPods.

- Support Bluetooth.

# Audio Converter

- Convert to mp3 and m4a.

# File Manager

- iCloud Support.

- File Management Options (Copy, Move, Rename, Delete, etc.).

- Make Zip with multiple recordings.

- Email multiple recordings.

- Searching and Sorting files and folder.

- All advance Info Detail viewer of the audio file.

# Trash

- You can move the useless recording to the trash and can revoke it from trash if needed.

# Private Recordings

- Store your private recordings in a private folder.

- Secured with a password.

# Cloud Storage

- Upload your recordings to different clouds.

- Background upload support.

- Import from clouds.

# Supported Clouds

- Sound Cloud

- Dropbox (Auto upload new recordings support).

- Google Drive (Auto upload new recordings support).

- SkyDrive (Auto upload new recordings support).

- SugarSync

- Box.Net

- Evernote

- WebDav Server

- FTP Server

# WiFi Sharing

- You can access your Recorder App files on your Computer/Mac web browser.

# FTP File Sharing (Over WiFi Connection)

- Access the Recorder App from your Computer/Mac with FTP Share.

- You can create Network Drive on your computer and can access Recorder App files without a cable connection.

# Settings

- Audio Quality Settings.

- Audio Format Settings.

- App Passcode.

- WiFi Sharing.

- FTP Sharing.

# iPhone spotlight search.

# 3D touch support (Start Recording, Search files).

We hope that you enjoy all the features of the Recorder App! Please rate the Recorder App on the App Store.

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