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Real Compass – Smart digital Compass App

Real Compass – Smart digital Compass App

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Real Compass – Smart digital Compass App
Real Compass – Smart digital Compass App
Real Compass – Smart digital Compass App
Real Compass – Smart digital Compass App

Real Compass – Smart digital Compass App for Android shows highly accurate direction of North, South, East and West with Longitude and Latitude . Real Compass app is easy to use, use it like a real compass. In Real Compass set your direction by rotating the bezel and determine the direction currently facing on compass map.
smart Compass app show real-time orientation to magnetic fields and true north. To use this digital compass, hold your Android device flat, just like a real compass
👉GPS compass: This GPS compass can be used for outdoor activities like picnicking, traveling camping, hiking or boating and find your way on map. GPS receivers can plot latitude, longitude, and altitude on map by using my compass app.

👉smart real Compass shows compass direction on mountain, landscapes, find your way during hiking on map by using hiking compass.
smart Digital Compass are handy electronic devices that use sensors to determine the magnetic field, then display on screen those measurements numerically by using compass app. Digital Compass sensor is magnetometer that can measure the Earth's magnetic field from your current position by using smart this compass.
👉Digital compass is 3d compass in your smart phone devices, where and when you need it. My compass also shows digital direction of north, south, east and west for user convenience.

🧲 🧭Magnetic compass consist of magnetized needle that rotate, so it lines up with the Earth's magnetic field. The ends point in compass is known as magnetic north and magnetic south.

Best Features:
👉Simple to use compass, use it like a real compass
👉Professional designed compass
this compass which swings naturally, orientates you with just one glance.
👉A decimal bearing provides detailed direction.
👉A cardinal bearing gives you a quick way of expressing general direction compass to others.
👉 Magnetic and true north are available in this compass, the app automatically takes care of variation.
👉Incredibly smooth movements in compass
👉No internet connection required in real compass.
👉Support many language
👉It’s paid because no ads provide

• Do not use the app with magnetic covers.
• The accuracy of the digital compass will interfere when the device is near any other magnetic interference, be sure to stay away from magnetic things/objects such as another electronic device, battery, magnet, etc while using the digital compass.
• If you should encounter a direction error, calibrate your phone by waving the device in a figure 8, two or three times.

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