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Ready Steady Go

Ready Steady Go

by REadySTeadyGo


More Info

Ready Steady Go

Ready Steady Go app is a fitness app where people can track their daily step steps and daily calorie burn walking distance. Every step matters here. RSG will give you a deserving reward for your steps.
RSG application gives you a simple user interface in this version. You simply open the app start walking you get 1 Milestone for every 1000 Steps and you can spend those milestones in the shop to get some rewards against your walking milestones.
We have simplified calculation for the steps count and calorie burn, we calculate all the things with your BMI provided in the application profile section and we try to give our best nearest reward for the steps you walk.
Dashboard Page
In the application Dashboard Page, you can see your daily progress and the total Milestones you walk on a daily basis. On the dashboard page, you will see the Gear option in the list. In the gear, you can see the number in front of it. It explains the daily limit of the steps you can walk and earn Milestones for. Here in the dashboard, you also can see your daily distance walking and calories burn count.
The dashboard page contains a Refuel option and "Extra Fuel" option. Using these features, you can earn extra Milestones per day. every "Extra Fuel" button will allow you to earn few Extra Milestones rewards for the day.
The refuel option gives you few more steps to walk and increases the daily limit of the "Gear".

We have various good reasons to keep you walking. Now you will have the reason to walk and finish the goal of the day with the Ready Steady Go App.

A friend in need is a friend indeed. In every walk and journey if we have friends, it makes our walk very smooth and more effective. Here in the RSG app, you can also follow your friends and family members. You can see their milestones and Gear count to get yourself motivated. If your friend still not using the application, don't worry it's a chance to get an extra reward by inviting them.
"Use Referal Code" Option. Here if you are invited by someone that person definitely deserves a reward, must give him/her a reward to invite you to this amazing platform. "Don't misuse this superpower." This option is only one-time usable, so give a reward to the person who really owns it.

In the profile menu, you can set your personal details and the status of your BMI.

In the setting menu, we have a Privacy Policy and other terms and conditions. These are a little boring but you must go through them. You can also change your email from the menu.

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