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Read Quran Offline - Prayer Times, Quran MP3

Read Quran Offline - Prayer Times, Quran MP3

by onlyone studios

Read Quran Offline - Prayer Times, Quran MP3
Read Quran Offline - Prayer Times, Quran MP3
Read Quran Offline - Prayer Times, Quran MP3
Read Quran Offline - Prayer Times, Quran MP3

The best among you is he who learns the Quran and teaches to others (Bukhari)
Holy Quran Free - القرآن الكريم is a pro islamic application to create flow in your worship time. Reciting holy book is helping the Muslims in religious practices. Holy Quran 13 line reading and listen Quran app is a reminder to remember Allah everywhere all the time. Holy Quran read and listen for a good day starts, atonement of sins and attainment of blessing.

Al-Qur’an Kareem Free - كتاب القران الكريم reading application is a 13 lines free recitation app where the error less Quran Pak is compiled from papers to android screen. Koran offline is a non-stop recitation app with the compatibility of android using. Free Quran Sharif app for every Muslim. Listen and Read Quran free anywhere anytime.
Quran for Muslims to Read & Listen in voice of 50 World Famous Quráa, Recite Holy Quran with actual experience, feels just like an actual Quran Book in your hand. This app acts like a Qari who teaches you how to Recite & Learn the Holy Quran Kareem.

Holy Quran القرآن الكريم has an elegant style, Don't bother yourself by scrolling up and down; now easily recite as actual Color printed Quran page by page. This Koran app is best companion for you anywhere, During Travel, or if you are in Masjid after say pray (Namaz) you can read Quran in you android device and read daily azkar and Dua's.
If you are not be able to read quran turn on MP3 mode and listen quran in heart touching and soulful voice of world famous quráa.
The Quranic words and verses are lined up in 13 lines on each page and that is attractive and pertains standardized readable font style and size. Complete Quran app is free for all.
Don’t leave the most readable and time by time required Surahs. Add bookmarks to them to immediate access. Tilawate Qur’an Majeed is more convenient and direct Surah reaching when you create a bookmark there for direct opening.
Colorful Tajweedi Noorani Qaida with Audio sound is a guide to learn Quran for anyone muslim kids, yonger and elders. Each and every lesson is designed with buttons for pronouncing each alphabet/letter and word. This feature specifically designed to educate Muslim who are naive to correctly read Arabic Qur'aan with perfection and proper accent. With Colorfull Noorani Qaaida you can learn Proper Accent according to the Tajweed Rules.

What's the Diffrence ?
Muslims love to listen,read & Learn the Quran Majeed on daily basis. But sometimes it difficult to manage the time in busy social life. But now its easy for you to Listen or Read QURAN anytime anywhere even if you are travelling. The beautiful audio player widget allow you to control the application even your device screen is lock.

Key Features of Quran Pak app.
● Beautiful HD Quran For Read like Actual Quran Book
● Read Quran offline (Without internet)
● Listen Quran offline (One time download only)
● Surah Index for Directly go to any Surah
● Quran MP3 Full Offline
● Full page readability
● 13 Lines Hafizi Quran
● Resume option to get start reading from which page you left
● Mp3 Audio player for listen Tilawat of Quran
● Clear, Best Quality and Loud Audio Quran Kareem
● Recitation of 50 world Famous Qari [Quráa]
Including : Mishary Rashed Alafasy, Sheikh Sudais (Imam of Kaa'bba), Qari Abdul Basit,Saad Al-Ghamdi,Sheikh Shuraim,Al Minshawi,Ahmed Al Ajmi,
● Surah Index for Directly go to any Surah
● Juz Index for Directly go to any Parah
● Bookmark you favourite page and directly go to you saved bookmarks
● Can Save and Share any Page
● Swipe for next or previous Page.
● Amazing 3D effect on page swipe
● Noorani Qaida will be your first tutor, which will educate you in learning Quran in a tremendous way

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