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Raw! Video - Advanced MJPEG Camera

Raw! Video - Advanced MJPEG Camera

by NA

Raw! Video - Advanced MJPEG Camera
Raw! Video - Advanced MJPEG Camera
Raw! Video - Advanced MJPEG Camera
Raw! Video - Advanced MJPEG Camera
Raw! Video - Advanced MJPEG Camera

Get the Gold Standard App in Video Recording! Shoot high quality 1080p MJPEG movies at over 300 Mbps bitrate! Also capture 4K video and up to 240 fps, no other app even comes close to Raw! Video's super performance.

• High Quality MJPEG Video: Make fantastic 100% Quality MJPEG movies at over 300 Mbps.
• High Speed Video: Capture 240 fps at over 100 Mbps bitrate.
• H264 Video: Easily shoot H264 QuickTime videos, great for sharing.
• Rack Focus: You can set in and out focus points as well as focus rack speed.
• Rack Zoom: You can set in and out zoom points as well as zoom rack speed.
• Power Zoom: You can manually power zoom in and out and set the zoom speed.
• Electronic Level: 3-stage horizontal level.
• Slow Motion: Capture high-speed footage and playback in slow motion.
• Separate Focus and Exposure Points: Set and lock separate exposure and focus points.
• Extensive Video Formats: Over 28 different video recording formats (device dependent).
• Rotate Camera: Rotate the camera view to use Moment or similar lenses.
• Show/Hide Video Preview: You can show and hide the video preview for discrete recording.
• HDR Video: Record video in high dynamic range.
• Video Stabilizer: Set video stabilizer to off, standard, cinematic, or auto.
• Configureable Audio Settings: Record in mono or stereo, MPEG-4, ALAC, or L-PCM formats.
• Free Disk Space Indicator: Indicator continuously displays remaining free disk space.
• Auto Off: App automatically turns off recording when disk space is low.
• Playback Viewer: View your recordings, time lapse, and stop motion in app.
• MJPEG Quality: Adjust the quality (bitrate) of your MJPEG video recordings.
• Slow Motion: Record at high speed and playback at lower speed for slow motion effect.
• Hide Controls: Just swipe to individually hide any set of the camera controls.
• Raw DNG Photos: True uncompressed Raw DNG photos as well as stop motion and time lapse - unique to Raw! Video.
• PNG Photos: Uncompressed PNG photos.
• TIFF Photos: Uncompressed TIFF photos
• JPG Photos: High quality JPG photos.
• Picture Style: Apply auto, custom, or no picture style to your photos.
• Digital Zoom: Up to 200x digital zoom.
• Exposure Bracketing: Create exposure bracketed photos in single, burst, time-delay, and time-lapse modes.
• Photo EXIF Data: Complete photo EXIF data per image viewable in app.
• Time Lapse: Take time-lapse photos with ease.
• Stop Motion: Make great stop motion animations with full camera control.
• Make Video: Make videos from your photo albums, time lapse, and stop motion projects then easily share them.
• High Resolution: Allows app to capture the highest resolution photos available for your camera.
• Video and Photo Image Stabilization: Off, standard, cinematic, and auto modes.
• Focus Mode: Lock, auto, and manual focus modes.
• Photo Type: Choose JPG, DNG, PGN, and TIFF formats of image capture.
• Photo and Sharing: Immediately share you photos and videos from within the app.
• Copy Photo and Video: Copy photos and videos from app to your device's Photo Album.
• iTunes File Sharing: Get all of your photos and videos on to your computer with file sharing.
• Front/Back Camera: Easily switch between back and front cameras.
• Video Light: Camera light with adjustable power level.
• Crop marks: Assorted popular crop marks are included.
• User Settings and Presets: All current user settings are automatically saved, plus you can create unlimited settings presets as well.
• Exposure: Full manual exposure control as well as exposure lock, auto, manual, and shutter priority. modes.
• White Balance: Full manual white balance control of temperature and tint as well as white balance lock and auto modes. Also easily set with white or gray card.
• Real-time Exposure Values: View real-time ISO and shutter values as they continuously update.
• Image Noise Reduction.
• And more!

Fully functional except for the following in-app purchases: Photo capture, Time Lapse, Stop Motion, and MJPEG Video

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