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Ramadan Calendar 2016 Timings

Ramadan Calendar 2016 Timings

by Zaria Ghurair

Ramadan Calendar 2016 Timings
Ramadan Calendar 2016 Timings
Ramadan Calendar 2016 Timings
Ramadan Calendar 2016 Timings
Ramadan Calendar 2016 Timings

Ramadan calendar 2016 provides instant access to the Islamic calendar for the Holy month of Ramadan. It includes prayer timings Ramadan duas, accurate Sahar and iftar timings with different countries and cities.
This Islamic application provides accurate prayer timing for Muslims, duas and duroods shareef, Sahar and iftar timing notifications along with Qibla direction and guidelines to find kaaba direction. The basic aim of ramdan calendar is to provide Muslims consolation of knowing Islamic prayers and Muslim’s deeds to be opt in the month of ramzan to reinforce Islamic information.

Switch Calendar:
Tap on switch calendar to select your city ramdan calendar.
Calendar automatically picks your country you have to select the cities to find ramdan sehar and iftar timings for your city.

30 Days Ramdan Duas.
Recite and memorize dua for the holy month of Ramadan. Read from first Ramadan to 30th of Ramadan different Islamic duas to increase your knowledge about holy month Ramadan.
The app has accurate ramzan timing for sehar and aftar so that you could not miss any second of Holy month.

Qibla Compass Direction:
Find Islamic Qibla finder feature, Muslim prayer time, Qibla compass, prayer timings, Qibla finder, azan timing, Duas for all problems and durood shareef collections.

This app is designed in such a way that it similarly well matched with all forms of android smartphones and tablets.

Features of Ramadan Calendar 2016

Ramadan Calendar Islamic Calendar: Find Ramadan sehar and iftar timings for the 30 days of Ramadan.

Prayer/Salat Timings: Get accurate prayer/Salat timings for your city and country.

Fast Timing: Acquire sehar and iftar timings for the roza/fast.

Qibla direction: If you are not aware of Kaaba/Qibla direction then launching Qibla in the application finds correct direction of Qibla/kaaba. This facility helps Muslims to find accurate direction to offer prayer.

Islamic Duas: Earn extra reward in the Ramadan month with these 30 Islamic duas for Muslims.

Hanfi and Jafria Fiqa: Find accurate timings for sehar and iftar and namaz/Salat timings according to your fiqa.
Durood Shareef Collection: Learn and read Islamic durood shareef with collection of different duroods like durood e ibraheemi, durood e tanjeena, durood e muqaddas, durood e mahi and different fazail e durood sharif.
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