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Raft Slug

Raft Slug

by Games Planet


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Raft Slug
Raft Slug
Raft Slug
Raft Slug
Raft Slug
Raft Slug
Raft Slug

Grab some deadly weapons and start the most adventurous and challenging venture of your life as a sea commandant to strike back the enemy. Be ready for the ruthless naval operations while controlling a modern raft or a submarine on the endless tides of a big ocean. Perform the surgical strikes on the enemy base camps and destroy their naval headquarters by using the advanced weaponry along with the fast-paced action. You will surely come across many new and jaw-dropping marine missions. So, gear up and be ready to face a brutal warfare action.

Finish off the enemy paratroopers, dodge the mines and avoid getting destroyed by the fighter jet bombardment on your submarine. Open the hellfire on your enemies by using the rocket launchers and flamethrowers and use the laser gun to demolish them all. Keep an eye on the health bar during your rafting journey and be cautious from the enemy snipers. 

#### Simple and intuitive Gameplay ###

The raft slug game is simply designed without any complexities or boring stuff. Just strike and defend until you are done. Enjoy a lot of upgrades and other cool stuff to cope will all challenges of this naval warfare game.

### Advanced Weaponry ###

A lot of modern and tactical weapons are available to make your rafting fun more exciting e.g.

# Laser Gun
# Pistol
# Machine Gun
# Rocket Launcher
# Shotgun
# Flamethrower

### Seven Different Slugs to Raft ###

Switch between seven new player characters to have better gaming experience.

Sammy: The recruitment officer. Comes handy when the mess is getting out of hands.
Mabmo: A guy born to kill. Do or die seems normal to him.
Rose: Tons of glamour, her beauty is famous in battle.
King: Name explains all, he is the king of war.
Arnold: He is a futuristic guy. If he asks for your boots, run!
Black Amber: Nobody can beat Amber, not even the rose.
Drakhelis: She has a pet dragon, thus saving on heating.

### A lot of fun rides ###

Vintage Car: Available in various colors.
Speed Boat: Glide through the water and dodge the bullets.
White Shark: Have an awesome ride of the giant shark.
Shielded Police: Get an extra life with the defensive shield. 
Flying Surfboard: Jump twice as high as you can.
Sea Hippo: Jump and he will breathe fire!
Cute Submarine: Destroy pesky submarines by firing torpedoes.
Luxury Yachi: It’s raining money.
ST George Dragon: The dragons can fly. Did you know?

Top Multiple Features of Raft Slug Game:

- A unique and highly addictive rafting fun.
- Tons of weapons, multiple characters and vehicles.
- Bonus packs, coins and reward videos.
- A lot of upgrades available.
- Objective and mission-based gameplay.
- Good sound quality and catchy music.
- High compatibility with all Android devices.
- Deadly and challenging commando missions to accomplish.
- No internet or Wi-Fi connection required.
- Free to download and play.

How to Play:

- Select your favorite weapons and player character.
- Tap your device screen to make the raft jump.
- Try to catch maximum bonus packs by shooting the boxes.
- Accomplish multiple tasks to finish each mission. 
- Collect all the coins and cash rewards.

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