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QR Code Scanner

QR Code Scanner

by kkrinsi

QR Code Scanner
QR Code Scanner
QR Code Scanner
QR Code Scanner
QR Code Scanner
QR Code Scanner
QR Code Scanner

QR Code Scanner & Barcode Reader is the fastest ⚑ and safe QR code reader / barcode scanner application. We made it completely user friendly and easy to use. Just point your device to QR code or barcode you want to scan and QR Code Scanner app will automatically scan and read it. πŸ‘

If you are looking for a lightweight and superfast QR code scanner and barcode scanner, this is the best choice! QR code Scanner is high quality free scanner app for android users. QR Code Reader and Barcode Scanner is very fast and robust scanner application.

β˜€ Support all types of QR codes & Barcodeβ˜€

Automatically scan, read, and decode all types of QR codes/barcodes, like Wi-Fi, contacts, URL, products, text, books, E-mail, location, etc.


βœ” Easily scan, read and create QR & barcodes: If our system detects any danger on the way, we will block and alert you immediately.

βœ” Support all QR & barcode formats: QR Code Scanner/ Barcode Reader application supports all types of major format.

βœ” Superfast decoding speed: QR Code Reader gives you superfast speed for scanning and reading data of QR codes and Barcodes.

βœ” No internet: No internet connection required to scan and create QR and barcode

βœ” Scan QR & barcodes from the gallery.

βœ” Auto-zoom: Added Auto - Zoom functionality. It’s make your scan fast and reliable.

βœ” Flashlight supported: In a dark environment, you can turn on the flashlight and scan the QR code easily.

βœ”All-in-one scanner: QR reader & QR decoder, QR code generator, barcode scanner, barcode reader & generator.

βœ” Minimal Permission: No major permission require to scan QR codes and barcodes.

βœ” Scan history saved: A record of all scanned and created QR codes and barcodes is permanently saved in history, and easy to manage and clear the history.

βœ” Get product price: Scan products, see real prices, and compare it, choose the best price, save money and time.

Few Advanced feature for QR and barcode scanner app

QR Code Scanner for Android:

Need a QR scanner app to scan QR Code? This free application - QR Code Reader, QR code Scanner is your best choice. Scan QR code quick and safely. 

Best QR scanner and QR Code Generator:

Supports generation of multiple types of QR codes. Includes barcodes, social accounts, text, URLs πŸ”—, contacts, business cards, emails, text messages, etc.

Barcode Scanner

Barcode scanner app supports all major barcode formats. Create your own QR codes with this barcode scanner app. Download this barcode scanner for android for free now!

Don't worry about blurred curved and folded QR code and barcode, the QR Code Scanner uses artificial intelligence technology to quickly repair and read them perfectly. Extra, here are no charges and registrations are required to use a QR code reader, so you can scan and create codes as much as you want with this QR code scanner & QR code generator.

How to use QR Code Scanner and QR Barcode Generator:

- To scan a QR code or barcode, simply open the QR Code Scanner, QR Code Reader app, point the camera in front of the QR code or barcode, and the app will automatically read the code and show you quickly its content efficiently result.

- To generate QR codes: simply open the QR code scanner and barcode reader app -> select "Create" at the bottom menu. There are many types of QR codes that you can generate based on your requirements, such as website URL, text, contact information, phone number, SMS, calendar event, etc.

QR code scanner is designed with the permission of the camera, storage (and other permissions if you want to use the QR code generator: SMS, contact, and etc....). Free QR Scanner /QR Code Reader application that scans the code you need. It is safe and fully compatible with your devices.

Download Link:


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