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Qibla Compass 3D- GPS & Visual Qibla Direction

Qibla Compass 3D- GPS & Visual Qibla Direction

by Zoom Art

Qibla Compass 3D- GPS & Visual Qibla Direction
Qibla Compass 3D- GPS & Visual Qibla Direction
Qibla Compass 3D- GPS & Visual Qibla Direction
Qibla Compass 3D- GPS & Visual Qibla Direction
Qibla Compass 3D- GPS & Visual Qibla Direction
Qibla Compass 3D- GPS & Visual Qibla Direction

Qibla Compass 3D include Visual Qibla and 2D Qibla. App include Qibla search using GPS and internet location finder, for accurate measurement of Qibla(Kaaba) finding.
✪ Find Qibla Direction Everywhere: Qibla Compass 3D is most accurate 3D compass and qiblah locator. Qibla compass 3D uses your current location. No matter where you are, it will show you direction of Qibla, relatively your current position to calculate qibla direction. You may update your position by connecting to GPS or wifi. Alternatively you can also pick your current location from database more than 23,000 cities and towns in its memory. 
✪ Camera Compass Direction: 3D Qibla Compass (Augmented reality) provides a 3D live camera compass. Real-time view of Qibla in real-world environment toward Mecca Saudi Arabia direction. This feature requires an access to the camera. You can search qiblah location even if all kinds of things in front of your device camera, like buildings, or street. When offering Salat (Namaz) or Prayer, all Muslims need the exact direction of Kaaba located in Mecca. Qibla Compass will find accurate Qiblah direction very easily.
✪ ♛North Indicator:3D Qibla Compass also point North measured by mobile sensors. Normal compass mode points geographic north and it may vary up to 90 degrees from the true north. Kabaa direction calculated from north in mobile applications other than this may result in a serious deviation from the Qibla direction. 
✪ ♛Real-Time Simulation:Qibla Compass 3D considers this reliability issue and overlays the Qibla on Play market so that the user can visually verify Qibla with nearby features and live qibla direction with icon and direction simulation augmented, such as buildings, streets, and do the needed alignment according to tour place.
✪ ♛Where is Qibla: Qibla or Kaaba is located in Mecca Saudi Arabia. Masjid al-Ḥarām is placefor Muslims in Quran and Hadith to perform prayer in its direction which is located in Mecca.
In Islam, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) ordered to pray in the direction of Masjid al-Ḥarām.
✪ ♛Magnetic Disturbance: Induced by nearby metallic objects (e.g. mobile leather case) and electronic devices, can cause the sensors to behave unpredictably. Avoid any object like this to remove abnormal behavior by magnetic field strength!
✪ ♛For Magnet Weakness:True north and current location is another source of confusion. Camera real-time and visual qibla compass calculates Qibla from true (geographic) north. Additional information about Qibla from magnetic north at user’s location is available online.
This app uses formulae to calculate Qibla that are accurate to within 0.5 mm (0.020″) on the Earth.
- Augmented 3D camera real-time compass location.
- Hold your device horizontally to show direction in 2D compass view
- Hold your device perpendicular to show direction in 3D compass using device camera
- The direction of arrow will always be towards the direction of Kaaba and “N” arrow to north.
- Conversion automatically from 2D(horizontal) to 3D view on perpendicular(vertical).
- Find Qibla location anytime. This location is fixed as the direction of the Kaaba in Mecca.
- Automatically detects your current location on requested permission on start. 
- Calculates Exact Qibla direction
- Qibla Compass for Namaz can be used indoors and outdoor independently
- Can be used to get Qibla direction offline as well (outdoors using GPS)
- No unwanted settings, just get an accurate Qibla direction and degrees from north.
✪ ♛Note: ✪ ♛
• For accurate direction, always place your device on a flat surface and keep it away from electronic and metal objects.
• Requires a device with a compass sensor and camera.

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