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Preschool Kids Game

Preschool Kids Game

by Bitrix Infotech

Preschool Kids Game
Preschool Kids Game
Preschool Kids Game
Preschool Kids Game
Preschool Kids Game

Today's kids are truly fond of playing and using smartphones for games, fun activities, and even studying. Therefore, it would be beneficial for both the kids and their parents if kids could learn while playing.

It will take a long time and would be hard for kids who are 2 to 5 years old to learn the skills casually with manual effort. So, it's a really great way for kids to learn the skills and upgrade their preschool study and knowledge by playing games.

Introducing the fun learning educational game called "Preschool kids game" for kids to learn while playing. This game includes the learning skills called Numbers and alphabets tracing, Comparison, Counting, and matching activity games for kids.

Below are the preschool learnings that kids can learn by playing this kids game:

Numbers and alphabet tracing:
You can select the alphabet or number that you want kids to trace for their learning. This tracing letters activity is for kids for learning better numbers and alphabet writing skills in an attractive way.

Kids need to select the object per their given size by comparing them with each other to learn comparison skills. Attractive colors, patterns, and an animal theme are used for the kids to play comparison activities by playing the game in different variations.

Easy from hard, every type of counting is covered for kids overall learning. Counting activities for kids offer varied learning experiences, enabling them to grasp every aspect in detail.

Engaging and innovative matching play designed to facilitate children's learning and development. Matching activity by arranging the different shapes, color patterns matching, and household objects matching for kids better learning.


- Free preschool learning activities for kids and toddlers
- Offline support – you can also play while there’s no internet or Wifi connectivity
- Colorful graphics with ambient sound effects and background music
- Most worthy screen time for your kids
- Interactive and fun learning educational game experience
- Star rating functionality in tracing letters play for kids to increase their enthusiasm
- These educational Games are simple and can be played without adult assistance

After playing this game, kids can acquire the skills listed below:

- Enhance children's concentration and knowledge development skills.
- Specifically created as an educational tool for preschool learning.
- Enhance brain observation, memory, creativity, and imagination.
- Increase children's memory capacity and creative thinking abilities. Foster the development of children's cognitive skills and improve educational levels.
- Promotes self-teaching through an educational approach.

This preschool educational kids game will help your kids develop logical thinking skills, conceptualization, analyzing, and mathematical skills. This game brings the perfect way of learning while playing on the phone for the kids.

Every part of the game has selective choices, especially bringing a better and more supportive platform for kids, so they can happily play and learn. This educational game has covered all the major areas of preschool learning which should be learned by kids at an early age. Also, this games for kid has all the characters, graphics, and objects which would be helpful for the kids to learn with for their quality learning.

You will find this kids game really engaging for your kids and also equipped with every useful element for the feasibility of kids while playing. Also, the Customization of tracing letters and numbers is also integrated into this kids game to make it more personalized for kids to learn.

Make your kid more intelligent, not only in skills but also in studies, by playing this game. You can easily download this educational game from the Google Play Store and share it with the kids from your family and friends who need to play this kids game to develop their preschool learning skills with fun and joy.

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