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Pocket Vartha - Malayalam News, Live TV and more

Pocket Vartha - Malayalam News, Live TV and more

by nallacreations

Pocket Vartha - Malayalam News, Live TV and more
Pocket Vartha - Malayalam News, Live TV and more
Pocket Vartha - Malayalam News, Live TV and more
Pocket Vartha - Malayalam News, Live TV and more
Pocket Vartha - Malayalam News, Live TV and more
Pocket Vartha - Malayalam News, Live TV and more

Pocket Vartha is a Malayalam short news, Live TV app that delivers short and precise news into your phone. The Pocket News app (Pocket Vartha) collects news from local, national and international news sources and summarize them to 50 or fewer words. The summarized news will be coming up with a representative image, headline and a description. The Pocket Vartha will not be delivering any useless notifications or the nonsense news to the phone to waste your time. You can watch live news channels and read daily newspapers inside PocketVartha App
വാർത്തകൾ 50 വാക്കിൽ കുറഞ്ഞു ലഭ്യമാക്കുന്നതോടൊപ്പം നിങ്ങൾക്ക് മലയാളത്തിലെ വാർത്താ ചാനലുകൾ കാണാനും, പത്രങ്ങൾ വായിക്കുവാനുമുള്ള അവസരം പോക്കറ്റ് വാർത്ത ലഭ്യമാക്കുന്നു.
Reading news in Malayalam language is not a difficult task anymore!
Hope you will have a good Malayalam news reading experience after installing our Malayala news service app.
The Pocket Vartha is released to save the time of people by replacing the opinion-based news with summarized quality content. This app comes up with a cleaner, smoother, user-friendly interface and can be installed on any android device that has at least 5 MB free storage in the device.

Our team collects the news from various reliable sources and later we shrunk it to short news that can be read within seconds. We have categorized all news to make the reading of the news from the specific category easier.

All the news are captured into different categories such as Kerala, National news, international news, sport, health, business, entertainment, sports, technology etc. This helps you to read news based on categories. Whether you are a sportsperson or one who gives importance to health, we have everything categorized in Pocket Vartha Malayalam news app for you to stay updated with the latest news!

We know that there are many apps that update you with Malayalam news, but we are sure that we are different from them. We will not be delivering annoying notifications to your phone. As well as we won't update you with the nonsense news. Moreover, we will be sending clear notifications to your phone that will help you to guess the news description without even opening the app.

Isn't it cool?

Download Pocket Vartha today and get updated with the latest news!

Features of Pocket Vartha

♥ Summarized news in less than 50 words (Learn more in less time)
♥ Watch live news channels
♥ Read daily news papers
♥ Lightweight
♥ Works on any Android device
♥ A cleaner, smoother, user-friendly interface
♥ Easy swiping and better animation
♥ Always get updated with the latest news
♥ Read news even offline.
♥ Save news for later read
♥ Enable night mode to read news easily at night
♥ Read news from selective category (Your interest matters!)
♥ Read the full news from the source without leaving the app
♥ Advanced sharing options
♥ Share news screenshot anywhere anytime with a single tap
♥ Enable/ Disable notification

Your privacy is very important to us and we will not use any of your images, videos and other private information from your phone. We will be only accessing your device id which is required to send notifications and the device storage to save and share the news screenshot.

We, the team is sitting near to you in Kerala and can be reached at any time using our contact information given below. Please utilize it to share feedback, report bug and to suggest a feature.

Support and Report Bug: nallacreations.info@gmail.com
Website: https://pocketvartha.in
Privacy Policy: https://pocketvartha.in/privacy-policy

With Regards
Pocket Vartha Team
(A Malayalam news app)

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