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by MantraCare


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Physio Mantra - >Physical Therapy as it should be.
Physio Mantra helps you recover from >back pain, >neck pain, >shoulder pain, >knee pain, >arthritis pain or pain in other parts of body with Digital Physiotherapy treatment provided from the comfort of your home
by best >physiotherapists.

The only digital-physical> Therapy platform with proven results:
* Hip and knee replacement
* Recover from a stroke, spine injury, chronic pain, limited mobility or other conditions
* Reduce pain and improve range of motion within weeks
* Improve your balance, coordination, and alignment
* 9 in 10 members consider PhysioMantra to be essential to their recovery.
* 80% clients complete their full course of care
* 95% successfully achieve their physical therapy goals and report reduced pain

👩 How we deliver >Physiotherapy treatment 👩
1. Download the app and meet your personal physical therapist
2. Initial FREE Assessment by Physio
3. Start recovering with a personalized daily exercise plan
4. Live Video-based Physical Therapy Sessions
4. Get feedback via chat or phone in real-time
5. Watch yourself improve

⭐ Physio Mantra Features

📌 Personalised >Physiotherapy Treatment
Physio Mantra Physiotherapy app keeps you connected with our physiotherapists at all times to deliver truly personalized care

📌 Affordable
Avoiding traveling to a clinic saves you time and money. Our affordable online physiotherapy plans are aimed to substantially lower your medical expenses. Physiotherapy treatment start from just $15/ session

📌 Convenient
Recover from the comfort of your home with assistance from experienced physiotherapists who provide customized exercise plans

📌 Digital AI & Self-care tools
Access physiotherapy exercise videos created by our physiotherapists. Measure progress with tracking tools. Our proprietary computer vision + AI technology makes us the world’s most advanced Physiotherapy service.

📌 Faster Recovery & Better Results
Use our Online Physiotherapy App to track your recovery and all the metrics that matter to deliver better results. From prevention & chronic pain to post-surgical recovery, our Digital physiotherapy treatment plans are designed to treat all major musculoskeletal issues and muscular pains:
✔Physiotherapy for >back pain
✔Physiotherapy for >shoulder pain
✔Physiotherapy for >neck pain
✔Physiotherapy for >elbow pain
✔Physiotherapy for >hip pain
✔Physiotherapy for >arthritis
✔Physiotherapy for Wrist pain

🏅About PhysioMantra:
PhysioMantra is a part of Mantra Care, a global mental and physical wellbeing provider. Named one of the Most Innovative Companies, our team includes passionate individuals from ISB, Wharton, and Mckinsey.
Email us: contact@mantracare.org

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