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photogrid candy camera PRO 3

photogrid candy camera PRO 3

by Salah Maroc

photogrid candy camera PRO 3
photogrid candy camera PRO 3
photogrid candy camera PRO 3
photogrid candy camera PRO 3
photogrid candy camera PRO 3
photogrid candy camera PRO 3

Do you love mirror effect in photos? Do you love doing it on your own? If yes, download the free android app Mphotogrid candy camera on your android device and start running a photo studio at your fingertips.

photogrid candy camera allows you to create mirror effect in your photos. You can create left-right, up-down, reflection, repeating as well as reflection style enabled photos with this photo editor app. Furthermore you can apply several photo effects and designer photo frames to these mirror photos and photogrid for making them more attractive.

You can create photo grids and photo collages, Mirror Image Photo Editor provides you a great collage maker tool, which will let you to create beautiful photo collages and photo grids. Just select photos and app will give you hundreds of different collage layout and grid options. Create desired collages and grids.
A Community Featuring Stunning Photos
hotoGrid displays the latest original photos from our community daily. Once you launch the app, you can start browsing popular photos featured on the main page, follow users you like, and make sure that you don’t miss any exciting content.
photogrid candy camera not only gives you a magical experience of face swapping with friends and families, it also gives you chance to swap face with super stars and cute animals. Transform to any new face you like in a second.
There are also numerous of Motion Stickers in photogrid candy camera with themes such as animal, cartoon,etc. Want to become a cute kitty or a funny clown? photogrid candy camera can let your dream come true. Compare with cartoon cameras, motion stickers in face swap will give you much real experience. With our well designed motion stickers, you can change to a cutie like your beloved pets. Fluffy dog ears, soft and lifelike animal tongues, cute cat’s nose. Bring you into a fancy animal world. We also have a plenty of sticker sets. All cartoon stickers are designed on our designers own. Give you unique and amazing cartoon stickers and vivid motion stickers.

elect photo from gallery or you can capture a new snap by camera for creating mirror effect to photogrid candy camera,
Use left right mirror, repeat - 4, up down mirror, and reflect 4 reflections: the app will work as an expert photo editor,
50+ unique photo frames and around 40 photo filters,
Move the photo for editing the mirror effect as per direction,
Randomly apply mirror effect (reflection), filter effect, as well as you can add photo frame for creating a designer photo effects Share app photogrid candy camera the square photo Facebook and Twitter...
Photo editor for brightness, contrast, tint, warmth, saturation, and auto color and auto contrast.
photogrid candy camera is everything that you would expect from a comprehensive photo editor.
+100 plus Mirror Effect and face swap and cap...
Multiple image ratio, create square photos.
Contrast, Warmth, Brightness, Tint and Saturation editing tools
50 unique effects and filters
Auto color
Auto contrast.
Create photo grids and photo collages.
Hundreds of collage and grid layouts.
Tens of borders and frames
Vignette filters
301 stickers and clip arts
Add text and captions.
<<----------MAIN FEATURES------------>>
***=>    Classic Collage: Classic Collage includes dozens of collage styles. Create snap grids and snap collages as you like. There are various collage models in photogrid candy camera collage function. All popular and beautiful grids suit for all kinds of pics. You name it, we have it. After choosing a certain grid,
***=>    Smart sticker position selector.
***=>    New gallery layout.
***=>    Crop tool for collage photos.
***=>    20 new photo frames.
***=>    46 new special collage layouts.
***=>    Various video : filters give you photos and videos with different styles.A lot of motion stickers for video shooting. Trump hair style motion sticker, clown motion sticker and so on. There are also many sticker sets in Face swap for your snaps and chats.

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