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Phone Guardian Mobile Security

Phone Guardian Mobile Security

by AppAnnie


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Phone Guardian Mobile Security
Phone Guardian Mobile Security

This phone protection app keeps users’ personal information safe from hackers by encrypting all their data using a safe VPN service. Using our free security app will help users to keep all their personal information private.

Remember to activate Phone Guardian mobile security app when sharing photos 📸, shopping online 💳, checking your online banking 💵 or surfing the web 🏄.


How does Phone Guardian Mobile Security work?

This phone protection app uses secure VPN technology to scan users’ internet traffic for security leaks 💧. Private internet data traffic that is at risk will be encrypted to add an extra layer of protection to their phones. 🤳

Phone Guardian mobile security automatically detects which apps and WiFi networks need extra protection, so it can always make the best trade-off between speed and security. This makes it at least 2x faster than traditional security apps that provide paid or free secure VPN!


⚠️ Remember to keep Phone Guardian Mobile Security active when using the free WiFi in hotels, restaurants, cafes or clubs. Also when traveling, avoid getting your data compromised in trains and airports.


What does Max do?

✔ Protect personal information and online privacy.

✔ Keep you safe while using free WiFi.

✔ Prevent hackers from storing personal data when connecting in free WIFI.

✔ Encrypts private data, so nobody can access it. 🙅

✔ Help secure traffic from all browsers and apps.

✔ Prevent hackers from tracking your private browsing.

✔ 2x faster than traditional secure VPN apps.

✔ It has a dog! 🐶


Besides, Phone Guardian has an easy and intuitive interface that makes it easy to use. No more struggling with complicated user flows.

Keep Max on guard 24/7 for complete peace of mind 💆 while browsing the internet. No in-app purchases, no ads! Keep your private internet protected from hackers for free.

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