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Perfect Picks

Perfect Picks

by Perfect Picks


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Perfect Picks
Perfect Picks
Perfect Picks
Perfect Picks
Perfect Picks is the sports prediction game that you play against other fans. Select your favourite sport and play for points by picking the outcome in Soccer, NFL or NBA games. The more accurate your picks, the higher your score. Predict the correct result and correct margin in a game and you will score maximum points – the Perfect Pick! Make a Perfect Pick in every game in a Contest and you will score 100 points.


To register a Perfect Picks account you will be asked to enter your name, date of birth (you must be aged 18 years or over) and country of residence, as well as a valid email address which you will be required to verify. You will also be required to read and accept our Terms and Conditions.

Making Picks and Entering Contests

A Contest is a group of games selected by the Perfect Picks team. Games in a Contest are chosen from one sport (for example, soccer) and typically from the same competition (for example, La Liga). Multi-competition Contests are available on occasions.

The number of games in a Contest varies depending on each sport's schedule, but typically the range will be a minimum of three and a maximum of 16 games. In each Contest you can make one Star Pick. Tapping the star will double the number of points you score for that game.

Scoring Points

The amount of points available per game is determined by the number of games within a Contest. For a breakdown of the points allocation per game, tap on the ‘?’ icon above any Contest Leaderboard. Make a Perfect Pick in every game in a Contest and you will score 100 points.

Scoring each Contest out of 100 allows you to easily compare your performance against other Perfect Picks players, gain a ranking and try to beat your personal bests!

In Play Scoring

The Home section of the app features 'Today’s Picks' and 'Future Picks'. Both show a summary of your upcoming predictions, including projected points for any games that are In Play (displayed in orange) as well as points you have scored for games that have finished (in green). Games are grouped by Contest in date order.

In addition, each Contest also has a Leaderboard. Tap any name to view how many points each Pick has scored, or is projected to score based on current game score, as well as your own overall position within the Contest at any time.

Contest Alerts

You will receive a push notification to your mobile device once a Contest you entered is completed, informing you of your points scored and finishing position. In addition, we’ll also let you know when the Perfect Picks team creates a new Contest that is part of any League you are a Member of.

Private Leagues

Any Perfect Picks player can create a League via the League section of the app. Tap ‘New’ then choose the Sport(s) and Competition(s) you would like to be included and set a Start date and End Date. Once the League is created you can then invite your Friends to be Members.

Each time the Perfect Picks team creates a Contest that matches your League settings it will automatically appear in the League tab and any points scored will count towards your League.

Leagues enable a group of friends to compete against one another for as little as one day, or over an entire season or more.

My Stats

Compare yourself to other Perfect Picks players by gaining a ranking based on your performance.

A ranking for each sport is calculated by using your best Contest scores over a rolling one-year period. For example, both soccer and basketball take the average of your highest 20 scores from your last 40 completed Contest to determine your ranking. Try to improve your World Ranking, Friends Ranking and Country Ranking.

Personal News Feed

Your News Feed on the Home section of the app contains regular Contest alerts and results, League updates, Friend Request notifications and much more all in one place.

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