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PCOSMantra: PCOD treatment

PCOSMantra: PCOD treatment

by MantraCare


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PCOSMantra: PCOD treatment
PCOSMantra: PCOD treatment
PCOSMantra: PCOD treatment

Dealing with Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) isn't easy. Amidst all the other things in your life, sometimes it can be very frustrating to manage PCOD/ PCOS symptoms like diabetes, hair fall, acne, weight gain, unwanted hair, and infertility.

>PCOSMantra understands your struggle and helps you manage PCOS naturally through various lifestyle changes such as diet, meditation, mindful breathing, pranayama, yoga, and exercise.

Why choose PCOS Mantra?

Our team of online >Nutritionist, Gynaecologist, >Yoga instructors, >Physiotherapist and fitness coach work together to help you improve PCOS symptoms, hormonal imbalance, treat ovarian cysts and manage PCOS naturally. The entire PCOS program is online and can be practised from the comforts of your home.

Personal Fitness and Coach
A personal fitness coach will guide the women to work out effectively & efficiently. The coach provides you with real-time tips to get the best result possible from your PCOS treatment workout.

Fitness Trackers
Track your daily workout exercises, calories burned, BMI, & weight loss progress. You can sync it with Google fit as well.

Personalized Diet & Workout Plan
Get a customized PCOS treatment workout plan depending on your Goal, BMI & body structure. According to your fitness levels, the app guides you to design a customized healthy diet plan that will help you to stay healthy & fit.

PCOS for Employees

We offer >corporate PCOS program to help employees release work stress and lead a healthy and happy life. We provide effective consultations for treating PCOS, online with regular virtual check-ins & teleconsultations.

How PCOS is treated naturally

1. Ancient yoga
Yoga helps to decrease depression and testosterone levels. This in turn increases the chances of fertility in women. Malasana, Setu Bandhasana, Dhanurasana are a few of the reputable poses for women with PCOS

2. Vedic diet
Women with PCOS might feel better if they follow a healthy diet as it promotes good insulin and maintains a healthy weight.

3. Pranayama/meditation
Women with PCOS problems can relax their bodies with the practice of pranayama. Meditation is a great way to keep yourself stress-free.

Specialized programs for unique needs
✔️No matter what your need, we have dedicated programs to take care of them:
✔️ Workout for Infertility Cure
✔️ PCOD Cure Workout
✔️ Workout for Ovulation
✔️ >Yoga for PCOS

PCOS Mantra features

Women PCOS treatment app supports 100+ languages
200+ unique home workout exercises for PCOS cure
Track your weight loss progress, calories burned, ovulation & calculate your BMI
Workout reminder helps you make the workout a daily habit
PCOS & PCOD cure home-workout which you can use offline as well
Daily health tips
Share your workout session on Social media & motivate people to be fit
Breathing exercise tips and advice on video

🏅About PCOS Mantra:
PCOS Mantra is a part of >Mantra Care, a global mental and physical wellbeing provider. Named one of the Most Innovative Companies, our team includes passionate individuals from ISB, Wharton, and Mckinsey.

Email us: contact@mantracare.org

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