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by Tinybiohacks Private Limited


Pattern is a nifty health app that combines the simplicity of todo-lists and the power of data analysis to give you the health app you have always wanted. We are all unique individuals. You already know that remedies that work for others may not necessarily work for you. Whether they are supplements you are consuming, habits you are doing or routines that you are enforcing, this tracker helps you discover what is actually working for you…and what isn't.

Learn yourself. Take action. 💪

Many times, you might have imagined the wonderful life without the symptoms that have been bothering you for the past decade or so. You might have the following things you want to get rid of once and for all:

• General symptoms: fatigue, stress, bad mood, high blood pressure, pain
• Sleep: snoring, low quality sleep, not enough sleep
• Gut Health: bloating, indigestion, acid reflux
• Allergies or intolerances: food intolerances, dust allergy, hay fever
• Mood disorders: stress, anxiety, migraine, headache

You never really knew whether the products you tried actually worked or not. Not surprisingly, you might end up with a cabinet full of pills and supplements, and your symptoms live on. It is time to save yourself time and money. Learn yourself with this symptom diary/symptom tracker.

Are you a good fit for this app?🤷‍♀️
If you are ready to take action, this app will be meaningful for you. This is not a habit tracker or a pill scheduler. You are beyond apps like those. If want to take charge of your wellbeing & longevity, this app will be your trusty assistant.

🔥 Features 🔥
Todo-list style: Simple and easy. Did something? Give it a check. If you didn't? Leave it blank. Think about how easy it is to log your item. No-fuss at all.
Pretty Bar Graphs: What's the point of all the numbers when you can't visualize them. We got you covered. We show you how the remedies influence you positively or negatively through an intuitive visualization.
Compare up to 3 Remedies/Items: See which supplement, habit or routine helps you the most and which ones aren't. Put up to 3 of them side-by-side and you can easily visualize their effectiveness at a glance.
Edit/Backfill Entries: Feel free to create entries for previous days or edit previous entries up to 28 days past.
Export your data: Your data belongs to you. Export your data as a CSV file when you want to do intense data crunching or just to save it somewhere else.
Integration: Have an Oura Ring? Connect them to the app to pull your sleep data for analysis.
Reminder: For busy people.

How to Use?🤷‍♂️
Think of things you suspect are causing problems or things that might help you become healthier or better (e.g. supplements, medications, activities...).
Examples of self-experiments you can try:
1. Does restricting coffee intake help me sleep better?
2. Does this mood supplement actually help me with my mood disorder/mental health?
3. Does taking my pre-workout help me perform better in the gym?
4. What food is causing me to have bloating/indigestion?

🛌 More On Sleep 😴
Sleep is underrated. Many of us are not prioritizing sleep enough. This app gives you the power to optimize your sleep. Use the sleep data from the sleep tracker of your choice and experiment with different bedtime routines. Make changes and log them to see what is helping you and what isn't. Connect your Oura Ring if you have one.

Who knows? You might find that using a cheap and simple eye mask can drastically improve the quality of your sleep? This health journal is going to help you find out what truly works for you.

Disclaimer: Pattern, a health & life journal, is just one of the many medical apps in the store. It is not a substitute for your doctor visits, and it does not provide a professional diagnosis for your symptoms. However, it can help you and your doctor track your health and better understand your symptoms based on correlation.

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