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New Year Clock Weather Widget

New Year Clock Weather Widget

by Eonetek

New Year Clock Weather Widget

Which device is the most important to have on a New Year’s Eve? The clock of course! You need to know the exact time when hands show midnight, so you could celebrate with your friends and family and start a whole new chapter of your life. That’s why we have made the coolestNew Year Clock Weather Widget♥ so you would always be well informed. Thanks to this top app you will also know what’s the weather like outside and you won’t have to go out on the chilly day to check if you need an extra layer of clothing. It offers plenty of themes which you can use to decorate your widget, such as the one with a fireplace that will make you feel as if you are standing right in front of it. There is nothing better than spending a peaceful afternoon in your warm home, reading your favorite book and drinking hot chocolate. All you have to do in order to get access to these beautiful pictures is to download the latestNew Year Clock Weather Widget♥ app, absolutely free of charge!


New beginnings are sometimes scary, sometimes not, but it feels good when you start the story different than the one before. For some people New Year doesn’t change anything, they keep on living the same routines, while others make resolutions that they try to make come true. If you are one of those people who can’t wait for celebrations, you will certainly love popularNew Year Clock Weather Widget♥! Thanks to it, you will always know information about the temperature and you can also see if it’s snowing without taking a look at the window.


Check out different widget skins and select the one you like the most. Perhaps that’s going to be the one with words “Happy New Year” written in the snow? Or maybe the one with magnificent Christmas tree decorated with wonderful garlands, baubles and lights? It looks so magical and according to a lot of presents underneath it, it must belong to a big family. The latestNew Year Clock Weather Widget♥ gives you an opportunity to have a unique device that no one has ever seen and thanks to it, you will have the coolest smartphone or tablet among your friends.


Follow these steps and have the best experience:

■  Set your location

■  Select the size of the widget

■  Choose the theme that you want to use for the certain size

■  Change the color and style of the font

■  Tap on your home screen and add the widget


The most popularNew Year Clock Weather Widget♥ offers a lot of information about weather conditions and you can even see a forecast for the next 5 days and find out the speed of the wind for the certain day. It supports locations all around the world, so you can share it with your online friends as well and tell them all about it. Perhaps the best background of all of them is the one with nightscape panorama? It looks so magical and you can see wonderful fireworks that illuminate the sky. The lights on the buildings look like stars and their beauty hypnotizes. So, wait no more and download topNew Year Clock Weather Widget♥ as fast as you can!

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