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New Born Baby Care Halloween Hospital

New Born Baby Care Halloween Hospital

by Gameimake

New Born Baby Care Halloween Hospital
New Born Baby Care Halloween Hospital
New Born Baby Care Halloween Hospital
New Born Baby Care Halloween Hospital
New Born Baby Care Halloween Hospital

Our Halloween mommy is pregnant. She needs your help urgently. In this Newborn Halloween Baby care game, you will learn How to take immense care of mommy and newborn baby. And after the baby is born to take care of baby like a babysitter. This is a learning game with an amazing experience especially for those kids who love taking care of pregnant mommy and cute little newborn babies.

Check up:
Begin with the routine checkup of mommy which is really necessary for her. For the check-up different tests are taken to examine her health. Use the tools like a stethoscope to check the heartbeats check the blood pressure of mommy, give her an injection, do the sonography test so that she can see her baby, which is gonna be amazing feeling for her, also ECG and other medical examinations. Make sure everything is normal and mommy is absolutely healthy.

Medication view:
Proper medication is must on time and it's very important for mommy's health. So in here, give her medicines and feed her some healthy fruits to eat and drink. Also, play some refreshing music for the baby. You can also select the tattoo and colour it as per your wish and have some fun.

Room decoration view:

You need to decide the theme to decorate your new baby's room and accordingly choose the bed- sheets, toys, curtains, wallpapers , cupboard etc. It's going to be fun. Be creative and different in choosing the items. Show your creative skills.

Shopping view:

Mommy is really excited for the new member in her family, she has very long list of shopping for her baby. Help her to fulfill her shopping list. Make sure all the items from the given panel are taken into the trolly. It's kind of checklist for all the items for shopping.

Ambulance view:

After the call finally, the ambulance has arrived. As mommy needs an immediate treatment. Maybe it's time for the delivery of the baby, so take care of her in this Halloween Hospital Game.

Treatment view:
Just like a doctor do the check up and examination for pregnant mommy. Check her blood pressure, ECG , check her temperature, give her saline and give her some oxygen that will definitely make her feel better. Make sure treatment is done properly and all the tests are normal. Make sure she is healthy before the birth of newborn baby.

Baby born view:

Yuppie! It's time for the delivery. You need todo many activities after the new member of family is born like cleaning the baby with the help of sponge, put the clamps on umbilical cord, cut the umbilical cord with the scissors and much more.

Baby care view:

Baby needs some caring, so take care of baby like a babysitter. Health and hygiene is must for a newborn baby. Put some eye drops, clean the mucus from the nose, check the temperature, apply the antiseptic cream, apply the ice-bag and much more for baby's care.

Baby's Bath View:

Baby's health and hygiene come first. Bathing regularly for baby is necessary. Let's help mommy and give refreshing bath to baby. Baby likes bubble bath so add bubble bath liquid, some flowers for the fragrance, if baby wants to play with toys give the toys, use the soap, use the hand shower and after the bath wipe the baby. Baby really enjoys the bathing.

Fishing view:
Starting from an early age the child actively learns the world, exploring everything that happens around. Unusual and colorful fish attract the attention of children and it is a favorite pastime for kids. Mommy and child are enjoying fishing, giving some food to ducks and spending the quality time with each other.

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