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Net Speed Status

Net Speed Status

by Mxian

Net Speed Status
Net Speed Status
Net Speed Status
Net Speed Status
Net Speed Status

Net Speed Status displays internet speed and daily usage in Notification Bar and It will also display Last data usage in app. This helps you to check network connection speed anytime while using your device. It shows usage speed even on lockscreen in bytes per second (e.g. KB/s) speed unit.

Monitor everything at your hand!πŸš€ Net Speed StatusπŸš€

Key features:
β˜… Easy interface with simple Toggle Button to On Off Notification.
β˜… Display Real-time data usage
β˜… Daily usage added in notification.
β˜… Theme added, more theme more fun
β˜… Material colors

Feature details:
It adds an internet speed status(indicator) in your status bar that shows mobile data. The indicator shows the current speed at which your internet is being used by other apps. The indicator updates in real-time showing the current speed at all time.

Daily data usage
Track your daily 4G/3G/2G data usage right from notification bar. When enabled the notification shows daily mobile data and WiFi usage. No need of a separate app just to keep track of your daily data usage.

This provides and easy way to monitor your network usage and speed throughout the day without needing to open a separate app. Additionally the notification area shows a carefully designed notification that takes minimal space and attention so that it doesn't come in your way ever.

Material Theme support
You can manually select the color of UI. Choose different theme from settings. Fluid like colorful themes.

Battery and memory efficient
The Net Speed Status is designed keeping in mind that we don't have unlimited battery backup, and our experiments shows that it consumes significantly less memory compared to other popular Internet Speed Meter Apps,etc.

Install Net Speed Status and use Brand new Internet Monitoring at hand. Wish you a happy day!

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