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Nautica OpenCart Mobile App

Nautica OpenCart Mobile App

by Knowband

Nautica OpenCart Mobile App
Nautica OpenCart Mobile App
Nautica OpenCart Mobile App
Nautica OpenCart Mobile App

The OpenCart Mobile App Builder by Knowband has been designed with no coding skills or expertise. This OpenCart Mobile App Maker plugin allows the store manager to launch the mobile apps on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The OpenCart Android & iOS Mobile App inventory and the eCommerce website inventory are perfectly synchronized. The eCommerce mobile application is solution-oriented, enabling your mobile platform presence to be expanded quickly. The user can easily purchase the products due to a simplified checkout process and preferred payment and shipping options. The Multilingual and RTL support is also there in the shopping app.

Key Features of the OpenCart Mobile App Creator: 

1. Customizable Home Screen:

The OpenCart eCommerce Mobile App consists of a customizable home screen that allows the store's owner to modify the user's home screen. Colors, fonts, banners, images, product categories, and other features can also be customized by the Android and iOS app backend.

2. Quick Login Options:

The Mobile App for OpenCart consists of simple, quick login options such as Email, Google, and Facebook. The store admin can also integrate login options like phone number, and fingerprint for easy login.

3. Real-time Synchronization:

The full website inventory in synchronization with the eCommerce Mobile App in real-time. The store manager does not have to make any additional effort to manage the inventory of the mobile apps while using the OpenCart Mobile App. 

4. All Payment and Shipping Methods:

All website payments and shipping options can be integrated into the eCommerce mobile app with the help of OpenCart Android & iOS Mobile App Builder. 

5. Live Chat Support:

The Zopim (Zendesk) and WhatsApp chat features are included in the OpenCart Mobile App Maker. This feature allows customers to communicate with the store admin 24*7 regarding their queries and issues. 

6. Full Admin Control:

The OpenCart Android App Builder module contains all of the settings and configurations required to manage the Android and iOS App. All the features can be easily modified with drag and drop by accessing the OpenCart iOS App Maker backend.

7. Unlimited Push Notifications:

The OpenCart Mobile App Maker consists of a push notification feature. The push notification can be customized and sent to Android and iOS apps users regarding new updates, offers, and discounts by the eCommerce store merchant.

8. Offline Mode:

The OpenCart Mobile App Builder allows users to browse the eCommerce mobile app when offline. The customers can still download it and add the product to their basket or wishlist when the eCommerce mobile app is not connected to the internet.

9. White Label Branding:

The OpenCart Mobile App Creator includes a white label feature that allows business owners to launch apps under their own name and value.

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