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Nautica OpenCart Mobile App

Nautica OpenCart Mobile App

by Knowband


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Nautica OpenCart Mobile App
Nautica OpenCart Mobile App
Nautica OpenCart Mobile App

The OpenCart Mobile App Builder is the pre-configured solution to develop a pair of Native mobile apps. This is a complete no-code solution for the eCommerce store owners who want to convert their online store into a mobile app without facing any technical difficulties. This ready-made framework makes it possible to get a pair of applications in one of the easiest and effective way. 

This extension makes launching a mobile app easier. Own a mobile app in just three simple steps:

1. Purchase the module from KnowBand.
2. Share the app related information by filling the pre-requisite form.
3. Review the APK/IPA file and confirm for publishing.

Extension Link: >OpenCart Mobile App Maker

Note: To publish the applications on the respective store, the store owner needs to have their own developer account on Google Play /Apple App store.

Recent Updates:

--> 1. "Add To Cart" button for product block on Home Screen & Category Screen.
--> 2. Product reviews & star ratings (Write and View Review).
--> 3. Related products on the app.

Salient Features of this Extension & Apps:

1. White Label Solution: Create your own branded app using relevant splash screen, logo, app icon, and name, etc. The final app will be completely branded to store.

2. Fully Native App: The application with OpenCart Mobile App Builder is completely native. It will work perfectly in both tablet and handheld devices.

3. Customizable Home Screen (DIY Editor): The OpenCart Mobile App Builder allows the store admin to craft & design home screen layout as per the requirement. The store merchant can easily design multiple layouts for various occasions & festivals and can save them for later use.

4. Simplified Login Options: The mobile app for OpenCart comes up with various login options like Google, Facebook, Phone No(OTP), and fingerprint login. Online shoppers can simply log in and browse products.

5. Real-time Synchronization: The store owner need not to put extra efforts to update the database and store inventory separately for a website and mobile app. Because the OpenCart Mobile App Creator is providing 100% live synchronization between website and app. This allows automatic updations on the app.

6. Multi-lingual & RTL Support: The mobile app for OpenCart supports all sorts of languages including the RTL ones like Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, etc.

7. Intuitive Color & Font Option: Multiple color schemes and font options are available for choice in OpenCart Mobile Apps. The store admin can easily improve the look and feel of the app.

8. Live Chat Support: The OpenCart Mobile App Builder comes with two inbuilt chat options with Zopim(Zendesk) & WhatsApp. The store admin can easily provide 24*7 assistance to mobile shoppers.

9. Layered Navigation: Make the shopping experience of mobile users more facile and friendly with layered navigation in OpenCart mobile apps. With the bottom tab bar, navigation and switching between the various screens become very handy.

10. All Payment & Shipping Support: With multiple payment and shipping methods support in apps, offer similar shopping experience on the app as of store. No sort of extra integration is required for the payment methods.

11. Easy Checkout: The OpenCart app allows the shoppers to do hassle-free checkout on the app on a single screen.

12. Unlimited Push Notification: With this functionality, store admin can send sale centric push notifications to your app users. Various ongoing deals and offers can be easily marketed using push notifications.

14. Live Order Tracking: The OpenCart Mobile App Maker allows app users to track the status of previous orders placed through the app.

15. Coupons & Vouchers Support: The OpenCart mobile app allows online shoppers to use the same on the mobile app.

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